Autumn Services & Suggestions

Autumn Services & Suggestions

Plant Bed Borders

We can use natural or simulated stone to create your own unique plant bed boarder.


A fresh layer of mulch will get your home ready for the holidays.

Fall Planting

Brighten up your plant bed and entryway with seasonal planting.

Preserve Cleanups

Let us remove 8-10’ of all the weeds, palmettos, and other low vegetation to make your backyard feel larger and safer.

Tree Removal and Tree Trimming

We can remove any small/medium trees and lift the canopy your overgrown trees.

Did You Know We Offer Landscape Lighting Services?

Beyond being a beautiful addition to your yard, Landscape Lighting helps make your property safe and more secure.

In the fall and winter, it gets dark earlier. Your children will be able to play longer in a yard that is lit up. Pets, too! Also, Landscape Lighting allows you to feel confident when you are walking your property at night - whether relaxing on your patio or taking out the trash - you won't need to worry about tripping or stepping on a snake. Light up the night with our Landscape Lighting services! We offer a free consultation, so give us a call!