2019 Backyard Trends – WYNTK

The backyard trends that we are seeing for 2019 from credible sources like the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and from HGTV seem to all hone in on backyards that are designed with plenty of thought and attention to detail. Homeowners are spending more time outside than ever before and they want backyards that they can enjoy to the fullest.

We know that you might be looking for some of your own ideas for your backyard sanctuary, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of some of the hottest trends that we’re seeing. Perhaps they will provide you with some inspiration of your own.

Nature-Inspired Design

Natural colors like blues, greens, and grays continue to be highly desired in outdoor spaces. Even the “Color of the Year” announced by Pantone was inspired by nature. The color, Living Coral, has warm golden undertones and is a great choice for your outdoor accessories—like pillows or cushions—to assist in brightening up an outdoor living area.

But it’s not just the color patterns showing earthly inspiration—even material choices and landscape designs are appearing more natural. There’s been some preference toward utilizing more natural materials, like stone, when possible. Of course, there is always a personal preference and budgetary component that may outweigh the trends.

Brick paved patio with comfortable patio furniture with modern armchairs and a stool around a table set with tea and cookies alongside a low curving wall overlooking a green lawn, high angle view

Quality Comes First

While the statistics show that people are investing more money into their backyards, they seem to be more cautious about how they spend. In this post-recession era, there has been a marked shift away from the “overly ornate” and more interest in high-quality design and materials.

In other words, homeowners would rather have a simpler space that is well-designed using high-quality materials than one that is unnecessarily over-the-top. Homeowners are more aware than ever about the importance of good quality design and how it will impact the finished product.

Adding Automation

The rise of technology and its ability to add automation to our everyday life has not escaped the landscape design trends. Homeowners are also looking for high-tech landscapes where applicable. This might mean upgrading to an irrigation system with smart controls so that water is more evenly distributed and not wasted.

Automation is also making its way into a landscape design. Everything from automatic pool covers to smart controls for fire features or water features is also becoming popular with homeowners that are embracing technology.

Blending Style and Function

There’s no doubt that homeowners appreciate a good-looking landscape. But they also desire a highly functional design. For instance, a retaining wall can serve the function of holding back soil erosion but it can also serve as overflow seating space for a large gathering. The NALP calls this a “two-in-one landscape design” on their 2019 trend list, saying that homeowners are looking for features that can serve a dual purpose. They use the example of a vertical garden that has edible plant material (like herbs) while also serving the function of creating a privacy wall.

No matter how it’s done, homeowners are looking to maximize their outdoor spaces for as much function and beauty as possible. Any time that the design can add features that are multi-purpose, the better. Homeowners want as much value out of their landscape as possible.

Empty Umbrella and chair around the swimming pool in a hotel resort.

Creating the Landscape that is Best for You

Whether you’ve seen ideas on this trend list that you like or you have other ideas of your own, in the end, you want to be sure that you have a landscape that you love. This comes down to working with a professional who can create a customized design that works best for you. The wisest investment that you can make is choosing a company that cares about meeting your needs.