2021 Landscaping Trends for your Florida Property

No matter the type of property you are responsible for, your goal is to keep it looking perfect. Part of staying competitive, and looking the best, is consistently updating it to fit the current trends, and prevent it from seeming static. Employees coming into an office park, love to see new additions, as would a homeowner in their backyard. Now, these new installations could be anything from some new flowers, to a new hardscape. However, molding these timeless pieces of landscaping, to the current trend, is how you end up with the best looking property on the block. With the weird year that 2020 was, we saw many shifts in the way society has begun to do things as a whole. This current year, 2021, has seen the effects of this shift come to light, as we return to normalcy. Take this into consideration as you evaluate these 2021 landscaping trends for your Florida property. 

Outdoor Living and Working Spaces

This trend is hot on both residential and commercial properties, especially in light of the coronavirus. There seems to be an increased focus on personal health, and although nearing the end of the pandemic, many people are more comfortable spending their time in outdoor spaces, where social distancing is more natural. Conversely, because the pandemic is ending, people are more willing to travel to each other’s homes, and having a nice space to host is always a plus. For a residential property think about a backyard patio, with seating and walkways directing visitors around your landscape. On a commercial property, an outdoor workspace, or a walking path, are both great options.

Less Lawn, More Garden

With more people working from home, there is more time to be spent on gardening and plant material. Additionally, low maintenance is all the rave, and the less lawn you have, the less mowing, watering and fertilizing. In this modern day, it just seems like bare yards are being utilized less and less, whereas increasing your planting space can have so many aesthetic benefits to your landscape. Check out our blogs on annuals and perennials you should consider for some great options. 

Low Maintenance and Functionality

As we just mentioned, low maintenance is becoming increasingly popular, as people look for minimal ways to get the most bang for their buck. Hardscapes are a great example, adding so much to your landscape, and requiring little to no maintenance. Decorative rock, paver walkways, and stone edges are all great examples of this. Native plants are also great, as they are built for the local environment, and contribute accordingly. 

Landscape Lighting

With people more out and about now, it has never been a better time to implement some lighting on your landscape. Lighting your landscape makes it feel safer, more luxurious and highlights your landscaping. It is a great way to draw the eye to your favorite parts of your landscape, and allows you to host, even at night. You can light walkways, the front of your house, your backyard, or any combination. More cost-effective than you may think, you can get the best service right here, as Taylor Anthony specializes in landscape lighting. 

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