3 Healthy Commercial Lawn Tips

The last thing we want to do is beat on the same dead horse that every other landscaper does. Yes, lawn care is extremely important. Yes, it is the first impression of your property, and you know that your property will be judged on its quality of it. These are all givens, except things are a little different for a commercial property. At your home, the look of your landscape really only matters to you. Barring the sale of your property, your lawn could be in shambles and nobody would bat an eye. On commercial properties, the judgment of your lawn could directly impact profitability. For property managers, this is all that matters. The more foot traffic, the more retail customers, the more prospective tenants, and the more revenue. This is why we come to you with 3 healthy commercial lawn tips. 

3 Healthy Commercial Lawn Tips: irrigation Fundamentals: Basic Lawn Preparation for Spring Growth

Our first tip to get ahead is one often overlooked by property management. The fundamentals are important, and they constitute the foundation of the landscape. First things first you need to ensure that you either possess the proper commercial-grade lawn mowing equipment or contract the work out to the right landscaper. This means an experienced and credible company that will communicate with you consistently about when their extensively trained staff will be performing work on your property. Additionally, with the warm Florida climate, a well-functioning irrigation system is a must. Especially if you have an expansive lawn, either test the functionality of your current system or install a new one. If you are unsure of what to look for then contact us and ask about our quarterly irrigation checks.

Pre-Emergent Treatment Plans: Predator Preparedness

If you thought keeping your landscape maintained was just on you, we have an unfortunate surprise. With the weather in Florida being so ripe for growth, it is also a place where lawn predators love to make their homes. We are talking about three things; disease, pests, and weeds. Each of these has the potential to infest your lawn, causing irreparable damage. This is not a guarantee, and there are certainly post-emergent control options available should they pop up. The earlier they are spotted, the easier treatment will be. However, the best offense is defense, which is exactly what pre-emergent treatments do. These will keep the potential damage away from your turf, looking good for your customers. 

Repairing Damaged Patches of Lawn

We just mentioned a few different ways your lawn can experience damage, namely decay and death. However, these are surely not the only ways, with a lack of nutrients and water also easy examples of the potential for lawn damage. When this happens, your lawn can look patchy. This is a bad look for your curb appeal and the value of your commercial property. The only way to combat this is to reseed these areas with new turf. Often done in combination with core aeration, seeding during the winter is the best time as you can get it out of the way before traffic really picks up. 

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