5 Benefits of Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Although it may not seem so, there is a stark difference in the way landscaping companies, including ourselves, service various types of properties. From home to home, there can be immense variability in the desires of the client. Additionally, the size of the property can bring about increasing demand. The size of the property really comes into play, when the difference in landscaping is residential versus commercial. Typically much larger, and more complex, commercial properties require intensive maintenance to look good all year round, and remain competitive. Commercial properties must attract visitors, and make them feel welcome. Property managers must also attract and retain tenants, in order to keep revenue high, and profits similar. As somebody responsible for the landscape of a commercial property, maintenance is a must. Although there are many, here are five benefits of commercial landscape maintenance. 

Aesthetic Appearance

The most obvious, maybe most important benefit of commercial landscaping, is that your property will flat-out look better. This is the hub for many other benefits, like attracting more customers and visitors. A property that looks better will be more comfortable for those in and around it, and will represent your brand well. An HOA will have an easier time selling new homeowners on their investment in their residents, and an office park will seem more attractive to a potential tenant. Keep morale high, and improve the look of your landscape.

Increased Property Value

As your property begins to improve in appearance, whether due to a lack of previous maintenance, or a change from a shoddy company, the value of your property will follow suit. Many pieces of the landscape are considered amenities and will be viewed as such by a potential buyer. New hardscapes, flower installations, irrigation systems, and even landscape lighting can be a great look for your next Zillow estimate.

Improved Safety and Less Liability

With the well-trained and experienced technicians of a commercial landscaper, like Taylor Anthony 365, you increase the safety of your landscaping efforts, and of your visitors. Oftentimes, those who try to keep landscaping in-house, or let it be all together, run into safety issues. Cracked hardscapes, and dead tree limbs, can all be a potential risk to your visitors. The last thing you want is a trip and fall that leads to an expensive lawsuit, which can be avoided by quality assured workmanship.

Save Time and Money

At first glance, it may seem like it must be more expensive to take on a commercial landscape provider, and engage in routine maintenance, however, this is not always the case. When you have a contract, where a budget is expressed and maintained for the whole of the year, costs remain consistent. This allows you to plan for the future, knowing exactly how much, and where your money is being spent. It also avoids unnecessary mistakes that can be found with a less experienced contractor, leading to an expensive repair. 

Objectives: Low Maintenance and Sustainable

One of the most overlooked benefits of working with a commercial landscaper is the ability to work with them on a variety of objectives within your landscape. If you desire your landscape to be more eco-friendly and sustainable, using more native plant material, and attracting wildlife, so be it. Similarly, if you desire a landscape that requires less maintenance and day-to-day activity, you can also make it happen.

Let the professionals at Taylor Anthony help you acquire these five benefits of commercial landscape maintenance.

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