5 Functional Landscape Enhancements for Industrial Properties

Employees with plants at Industrial facility

Landscape enhancements are often thought of in terms of making a property look better but they can also help a property to function better, too.

1. Landscaping Enhances Industrial Site Safety

There is an undeniable safety benefit to landscaping on industrial properties, which is often overlooked. In order to keep the property as safe as possible, it’s so important to keep the landscape well maintained. This includes everything from preventing overgrown grass and weeds from creating potential trip hazards to ensuring that shrubs are neatly trimmed and kept from sticking out across walkways or obstructing parking areas. A well-landscaped property is inherently a safer one.

When it comes to safety, you might also want to consider adding landscape lighting so that your property is well-lit when the sun goes down. This will also enhance security, which we’ll cover next.

2. Landscaping Improves Security, Too

There’s also a security factor to consider when the property becomes unmaintained and messy. For instance, when no thought is given to plant material obstructing security camera views (because it hasn’t been trimmed), serious safety concerns may arise. Thieves and trespassers can more easily sneak on to your property.

Even if it’s not blocking a camera, trespassers may utilize the overgrowth itself to sneak on to your site.

Similarly, it can set a tone. Overgrown grass or untrimmed shrubs may imply that management is not “on top of things,” and could potentially inspire theft simply based upon the idea that your property is an “easy target.”

But when the property is consistently neat and tidy, you can mitigate these concerns. As we mentioned, ensuring that your property is also well-lit is important, too.

3. Landscaping Makes Workers Happier

Employees walking down stairs at industrial facility with indoor landscaping

There is also a link between your landscape and your workers’ experience. For one, a great-looking landscape will make people happier. After all, who wouldn’t prefer to be surrounded by a well-maintained property as opposed to a messy one. There’s something to be said for a property that workers can take pride in. If you have what looks like a barren lot, it will not look like the thriving and successful business that it may be and that can impact employee perception.

You might even consider landscaping in terms of the break areas where your workers will hang out and enjoy their lunch. Making these areas nice can go a really long way in keeping employees happy.

On top of all the aesthetic factors, if it also makes your space more functional and easier to work on, then that will make their lives easier—and that’s really important, too.

4. Landscaping can Enhance Visitor’s Perception

Of course, there’s no question that landscaping can also play a role in how others (not just employees) view your property. Visitor perception—whether it’s clients or potential employees—is also important. You want to look like the thriving and well-functioning business that you are and landscaping will help play a role in that. So often, it’s the first thing that people see.

5. Hardscaping Makes an Industrial Site More Usable

Finally, while we’ve primarily talked about landscaping in terms of property maintenance and upkeep, it’s also worth mentioning that the addition of planned hardscaped areas to an industrial property can be incredibly beneficial as well. Whether you’re looking to enhance walkways around the site and make it more traversable or you’re looking to create a hardscaped area where employees can take a break, these spaces can add tremendous functionality to your space.

Hardscape patio at industrial facility with potted grasses and turf.

Choosing a Landscaper for Your Industrial Property

If you’re considering any of these 5 ways that landscaping can enhance your industrial property and feeling as though they could work for you, then hiring the right landscaper is going to be key. While these are some of the many ways in which you can benefit from landscaping, that’s all assuming that the work is done well.

If we can answer any questions about landscaping at your industrial site, contact us for help.