5 Ways To Prepare Your Landscape For Colder Weather

One of the most prominent perks of the Florida climate is that the weather never gets too cold. This is a primary appeal of the state as a whole, with so many residents moving in for the winter to avoid the harsh cold of their home state. However, here in North Florida, it does get a little colder than in the southern half of the Sunshine state. This can become a challenge for our clients and their landscape, especially if they are unprepared. That surprising frost or freeze can do more damage than you think, which is why we are here to provide 5 ways to prepare your landscape for colder weather. 

5 Ways to Prepare your Landscape for Colder WeatherInstall Mulch This Fall

Funny enough, the topic of our last blog [insert link] is the first thing you need to do in preparation for the colder weather. Mulch acts as great insulation for your plant beds year-round, but especially during the winter. When that freeze comes around, your soil will be nice and warm under a layer of mulch. Not to mention all of the other benefits that mulch provides like keeping out weeds and pests. Grab some organic mulch for the added benefit of extra nutrients as your mulch decomposes.

Prune Hedges and Trees

Another straightforward way to prepare for the colder weather of the winter is to prune your larger plant material. Doing this before the winter gives your plant material some time to recover before a spurt of new growth in the spring. Removing any decaying new foliage prevents the potential for disease to spread through the weakness of the winter. 

Routinely Inspect for Lawn Disease

Because the cold weakens your lawn, and it is receiving fewer nutrients than usual, it becomes more susceptible to disease and pests. The only way to ensure that they do not take over is by inspecting your lawn on a regular basis. So, our recommendation is an initial inspection of your lawn right now to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Weather Data

Although these are general recommendations for cold preparation, sometimes it gets colder than usual. These frosts and freezes are a real risk to your plant material, so watching weather data is a must. When you know that a freeze is on the way you can take the next level of precaution by covering at-risk plant material and turning off irrigation systems. This will keep your plant material intact and prevent serious damage.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Last but not least, this is your last chance to apply or have pre-emergent herbicides applied to your lawn. This will keep weeds from taking over during the wintertime, once again when your turf is most exposed. If weeds are able to get in, it can be incredibly difficult to get them out, especially through the cold. Use these tips to keep your landscape healthy through the impending colder weather.

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