Adding Winter Color to your Florida Garden

It has been a little while since we discussed some plants to install in your garden. With varying flowers based upon the season, the time for fall installation has passed, and it is time to look at the best options for the wintertime. Blessed with warm enough weather during these winter months, you are more than capable of adding splashes of healthy color with flowers tailored to your timing. Prepping for the spring, we wanted to discuss a few of these flowers, along with our professional recommendations. Be mindful that amidst the pandemic and supply chain issues caused by it, plant material has been deeply affected, and not all plants may be readily available. Here are some flowers to choose from to add winter color to your Florida garden.


Growing most efficiently in the sun with well-drained soil, there are too many varieties to even discuss, ranging from six inches to a foot in height. They need to be relatively spaced out when planted and can bloom in all sorts of colors. Once planted, they will need a couple of inches of watering per day, which is pretty standard for new growth. Very resistant plants to both pest and disease, you will not have to worry much about that. Other than the occasional fertilization, they are a great low-maintenance option for your garden this winter.


One of the most common cold-tolerant plants found in Florida gardens during the winter, they are more than just hardy. Coming in a range of colors from purple to white, with a dark center, and bright flowers, they look gorgeous. They make great plants for containers as well should you want to accent your landscape. Fun fact, they are even edible if you happen to be hungry. If you plant them now, they will last all the way through spring, where they can be replaced by more heat-tolerant options.


These are typically thought to be one of the easiest to grow annuals, so they are a great option for beginners. Growing from six inches to three feet tall depending on the variety, they can bloom in literally any color you can think of. This versatility is what makes them so appealing, but they will also need to be planted in full sun, with healthy, ideally organically amended soil. One of our favorites for steady winter color, these will last all winter long.


Growth of this annual is rather unique, as it grows from a mound to only be about a foot tall. It spreads and spills outward as it grows, covering up more and more space. Clusters of colorful flowers are the common bloom, and it is a hotspot for wildlife, attracting butterflies and bees. Essentially functioning as a groundcover, Alyssum is great for covering up large expanses of empty space, in an efficient way in terms of both time and money. Full sun with some sparse shade is the ideal environment for this colorful annual.


The last flower on this list is rather recognizable and should be familiar to Florida residents. Typically a cool-season annual, it fits the temperature criterion of our North Florida weather perfectly. Blooming in winter, they self-feed and spread extremely fast. Oftentimes they can be found naturally and considered a weed, but if you would like quick color filling up an expansive space, this might be your plant. Found in white, blue, and purple, consider Viola as an option for your winter garden.

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