Affordable Commercial Lawn Care And Landscape Maintenance

In an ever increasingly tumultuous economy, commercial property owners are having to take a closer look at their expenditures and bottom line. Landscape management is a typically expensive yet vitally important piece of property management, as we all know that a shoddy landscape can be a huge turn off for potential business. As a residential complex, you need people to desire to live there, and as a business you need customers to feel comfortable enough to spend their hard earned dollars, especially now. With that in mind, there are a few pieces of commercial lawn care and landscape maintenance that must be performed if you hope to drive in revenue. If you want to have affordable commercial landscape maintenance, prioritize these services and you will retain a healthy return on investment. 

Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance

Unfortunately, a large commercial lawn requires more maintenance than a routine trim. However, do not overlook the importance of professional mowing, as a consistently clean cut lawn will be a great attention grabber. It is the centerpiece of your landscaping and must be taken care of. In order to keep your lawn care affordable, prioritize mowing, edging, and routine fertilization. Of the supplemental services that can be utilized to better maintain your lawn, fertilization is one of the most important, directly adding nutrients to your soil. 

Affordable Commercial Lawn Care And Landscape Maintenance

Shrub and Tree Trimming

Even if you do nothing else to your larger pieces of plant material, you want to keep them looking uniform. Unkempt and unsightly shrubs and trees can be a huge turn off to visitors and even create potential safety hazards. Keeping decayed or dead material actively removed leaves room for healthy new growth to take over. You can also direct growth away from places where it may become an obstruction or damage property.

Irrigation: Necessary Luxury

While this may seem counterintuitive, hand watering your commercial lawn could actually be losing you money. This is because modern irrigation systems are full of smart technology that calculates the optimal amount of water for your lawn. Your time is also worth money, and automation allows you to focus on other areas of property management. Additionally, many commercial properties lose money on overwatering and the watering of non-green areas. This would be a thing of the past should you install an irrigation system to make your life easier.

Landscape Enhancements: Plant MaterialDrift Roses, Roses, Pink Roses

You must do something to your property to keep it standing out in the form of an enhancement. These can vary from hardscape installations to landscape lighting. We recommend keeping it both affordable and simple, by staying on top of your flower installation and rotation. Actively keeping colorful flowers across your property will liven your landscape, and even attract local wildlife. Using native flowers can be even more cost effective as they require less maintenance and thus less cost. Keep your commercial landscaping affordable with Taylor Anthony.

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