Annuals that can Handle the Summer Heat

Everyone loves annual color in their yard, but nobody loves dead plants all over their yard. Annual flowers are a great addition to any garden or landscape, as they bloom over the course of several months and provide consistency to your property. While your perennials and other plants go in and out of bloom, annuals, especially those that are drought resistant and strong through summer, are long lasting. Annuals are also typically very healthy, avoiding pests and disease, and many of them attract beautiful wildlife. With the Florida weather as hot as it is, the summers can be brutal. So, when selecting your annuals this planting season, we wanted to provide you with some options we are sure will withstand the summer heat. Fill out your landscape with these annual flowers that can handle the summer heat.


Although many of the over 1,000 species of Salvia are classified as perennials, there are many annuals within this plant type. Not only do they survive extremely well, but they come in nearly any color you can think of, allowing you creative freedom in your yard. Annual Salvias are great during the warmer months, and very drought tolerant. Remember, the lighter the color of Salvia, the more protection it will need from the hot Florida sun. 



While many of your cool season annuals will fade away as the temperatures rapidly increase, Angelonia will be ready to go. Typically purple in color, it can be planted with full exposure to the sun, and does not need much maintenance or pruning. Like Salvia, it also avoids pests and diseases very well. It will need to be watered 2-3 times a week as it develops, and a gentle layer of mulch can go a long way. Overall, Angelonia looks great, and will keep your garden colorful all through summertime.

annuals summer heatWax Begonia

Wax Begonia performs so well in Florida, and does great as a summer annual. They are known for maintaining their clear color all throughout the summer. Although they are technically annuals, they are sometimes known to survive even longer, even for several years. You can find varieties in red, pink or even white. Super hearty, they can be planted in the shade or sun, sometime after the possibility of spring frost has been shut down. Wax Begonia is a great choice for any Florida property.

Ornamental Pepper

A great warm weather annual for Florida, Ornamental Pepper is relatively compact, with a very unique fruit and foliage. You can find the plant with fruit varieties that are red, purple, yellow and orange. It can withstand the full sun, but shade will not hurt it. An additional benefit, some ornamental peppers can even be edible. 

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