Annuals that Can Withstand the Summer Sun

As you move through the summer season, going about your business, you may think to yourself, “my lawn needs more color.” However, you do not want to commit to seasonal color, through the entire year. This is where annual flowers, that bloom when you need them to, and can be replaced as the season ends, come in handy. These annuals will die as the weather turns a little colder, and allow for some creative freedom on your part. Living in Florida, the tropical climate almost always brings on a hot summer sun, that not all annual flowers can withstand. This means choosing annuals is a little more complicated than it seems. At Taylor Anthony, we want to give you all the options available to you, so we gathered the most drought resistant annual flowers that can push through the full bore of the summer sun.


A member of the “Amaranth” family, this annual is found in varieties ranging from 18 inches to 4 feet in height. It’s signature spikes can be found in riveting shades of red, orange and yellow, and these colors do not die down even as the plant is dry. The spikes can be found on both the plume, and crest, although the crest formation is the much more signature version of the flower. Although a very general annual, it will be able to take the hottest of temperatures, and flourish nonetheless. 


If you are an experienced Florida gardener, you may very well have heard of this annual, as it is very popular in garden centers. It is a very generalized common name, as there are several varieties that are typically all referenced together. These types only grow to be about 6 inches tall, so they make for great ground cover. Color wise, they can be found in any bright variation, from white to orange, to pink. One of the key benefits found here is the tendency for the plant to open up when the sun is out, and close up a little on those cloudy days. 


One of the hardiest flowers on our list, it also attracts local wildlife, especially butterflies. Additionally, it can liven your yard up with it’s color, which can be pink, purple, red, white, magenta, or even a combination of two! This annual requires very little maintenance, and grows to be anywhere from 12 to 18 inches tall. Native to Madagascar, this exciting annual will give you full color all summer long, rain or shine.


As a newer gardener, or Floridian, coleus is a great place to start in the annual business. Extremely versatile, with a huge pop of color, they have now been grown in newer varieties that can be planted in full sun. They are easy to propagate and are not easily susceptible to pests, disease or drought. You can even try planting these in pots or planters, as you are wowed by the unique foliage. Be careful as you choose your variety, and ensure that it can take the heat.

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