Irrigation Practices for Summer Lawns

best irrigation practices

Making sure that your lawn and landscape remain well-watered this summer will be essential to their success. As you know, our summers can get quite hot and this can take a toll on lawns and plants through excessive evaporation. Quality Irrigation practices become a must. Lawns can develop brown spots or get dry and crinkly and plant material can begin to fail.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We’ve rounded up some irrigation practice tips to help set you up for success.

Early Morning Watering

A lot of people want to know when is the best time to water my lawn? The best time to water is actually in the cool, early morning hours when excessive amounts of water are not going to be lost to evaporation. You want to give the lawn time for water to percolate to the subsurface where it’s used by the roots. Watering early enough in the day also gives your lawn plenty of time to dry out before the sun goes down.

On the flip side, watering at night is actually the worst time to water because the excess water is going to sit on the grass blades all night. This actually creates an environment that is ripe for fungal growth.

How Much Water?

In terms of how much water your lawn needs, according to the University of Florida, lawns need ¾ of an inch of water during a single watering session. One way to gauge how much you’re watering is to put a can in the lawn during a watering and see how much you’re collecting in a half hour. Even better, a smart irrigation system will put down just the right amount of water for its needs. Smart irrigation with weather sensor technology will also ensure that you’re not wasting excess water when it’s not needed—such as in the middle of a rainstorm.

Make Sure Plants get Their “Daily Drink”

Flowers on your property are going to need a “daily drink” to continue to look and perform their best as well. If you’ve had annual installations before, you know that it only takes a few missed watering sessions for them to shrivel up and potentially die. Since the bright and beautiful annual colors add a ton of value to the property, you don’t want this to go to waste. While quick daily watering can be achieved by hand, if you have a lot of plant material and don’t want to worry about keeping up with it, you might consider an irrigation system.

Partner with a Pro for Success

You shouldn’t have to guess how much water your lawn and landscape need or whether they’re getting everything they require to continue to perform their best. In fact, you have better things to do than to be worrying about your property’s irrigation needs.

That’s why partnering with a professional can set you up for success.

With a properly and professionally maintained irrigation system, your lawn and landscape can get just the right amount of water that they need. At Taylor Anthony 365, we’re here to evaluate and maintain your irrigation system so that it can continue to perform its best. By partnering with us, you can gain peace of mind that your lawn and landscape are going to continue to bring you value and enjoyment for years to come.