Deer Resistant Plants

If you’re having a problem with deer munching away on all of your new plants, there’s a reason for that. You probably don’t have deer resistant plants in your garden, which is a big problem! While deer aren’t very picky about where and when they eat, there are certain types of plants that they tend […]

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Water Saving Yard Tips

Water is our most valuable resource, and unfortunately it is a resource that is gradually starting to diminish. Drought, overuse and contamination are leaving our water sources depleted of useful water. This is happening all over the United States, including Florida. There are some experts who predict that before long, South Florida will be entirely […]

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Landscape Design Basics

Landscape design is a sensitive and rewarding craft that requires the cultivation, maintenance and appreciation of plant life. Everything from the blades of grass that make up your front lawn to the amount of shade created by the largest tree in your yard are thought of and planned for. An experienced landscape designer takes into […]

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Edging, Mulching and Pruning Tips

There is much more to landscape practices than keeping a yard aesthetically pleasing. Landscaping is the practice of caring for your land. This means doing what it takes to keep plants alive and happy, making sure that your property is healthy as well as beautiful. Edging around garden beds, pruning shrubs and mulching around plants […]

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