Landscape Jobs - Two landscape workers

Landscape Jobs: Why Taylor Anthony is a Destination

If you’re someone looking for a landscape industry career, then you’re likely looking for a place where you can have longevity. While the landscape industry has gotten a reputation for being made up of companies with a “revolving door of employees,” the truth is, there are companies where you can find a landscape job and […]

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Industrial building with turf and trees during fall

5 Functional Landscape Enhancements for Industrial Properties

Landscape enhancements are often thought of in terms of making a property look better but they can also help a property to function better, too. 1. Landscaping Enhances Industrial Site Safety There is an undeniable safety benefit to landscaping on industrial properties, which is often overlooked. In order to keep the property as safe as […]

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Japanese Garden with Boulders

Using Landscape Rocks On Your Property

When most homeowners think of landscaping they typically think of plants and greenery and lush lawns. But incorporating rocks into the landscape is another great way to create visual interest with a low-maintenance twist. If you are considering this approach, you might be wondering how to landscape with rocks. That’s why we’ve rounded up a […]

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Worker who pruning palm trees. Tree surgeon in harness trims palm tree.

Palm Tree Trimming – Ins & Outs

Keeping your palm trees looking their best is an essential task when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your property. Palm trees are the quintessential Florida tree—evoking a sense of tranquility and enjoyment simply with their graceful appearance. You probably appreciate your palm trees when it comes to the personal slice of paradise that […]

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