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Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles are cultivated worldwide, most often in tropical and subtropical climates where the warm weather helps them to thrive and show off their outstanding beauty. These plants are often used as colorful hedges or privacy screens, while larger plants make amazing focal points and eye-catching specimens in any landscape. Smaller varieties may even be […]

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Industrial building with turf and trees during fall

5 Functional Landscape Enhancements for Industrial Properties

Landscape enhancements are often thought of in terms of making a property look better but they can also help a property to function better, too. 1. Landscaping Enhances Industrial Site Safety There is an undeniable safety benefit to landscaping on industrial properties, which is often overlooked. In order to keep the property as safe as […]

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Japanese Garden with Boulders

Using Landscape Rocks On Your Property

When most homeowners think of landscaping they typically think of plants and greenery and lush lawns. But incorporating rocks into the landscape is another great way to create visual interest with a low-maintenance twist. If you are considering this approach, you might be wondering how to landscape with rocks. That’s why we’ve rounded up a […]

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How to Landscape a Backyard?

Landscaping can improve a home’s value significantly—by as much as 15 percent, according to some research. But that’s only if it looks great. Landscaping that isn’t done well can actually have the opposite effect and diminish your home’s value. That’s why it’s so important to think through your landscaping plans and ensure that they’re done […]

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Hurricane Ready Landscapes

Hurricane season in Florida is already in full swing and it causes us to ask the question “Am I hurricane ready?”. Considering the fact that it begins May 15 and ends November 30—more than half of the year—it’s important that it’s something you’re thinking about when it comes to planning your landscape. Because we care […]

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Drought-Stressed Lawns; Dealing With

As temperatures heat up here in Florida, lawns in our area are becoming increasingly drought-stressed. We understand that irrigation can be expensive—particularly in HOA communities—however, when lawns don’t receive enough water, serious problems can arise. In fact, if your lawn is not adequately watered, you run the risk of losing it. We realize this is […]

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