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June is National Safety Month

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? This not only applies to people, but plants and animals as well. Everyone knows that Florida’s summers are scorching hot, and while we think about keeping our bodies hydrated, we often forget to think about the well being of our plants as well. Plants need added […]

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Deer Resistant Plants

If you’re having a problem with deer munching away on all of your new plants, there’s a reason for that. You probably don’t have deer resistant plants in your garden, which is a big problem! While deer aren’t very picky about where and when they eat, there are certain types of plants that they tend […]

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Water Saving Yard Tips

Water is our most valuable resource, and unfortunately it is a resource that is gradually starting to diminish. Drought, overuse and contamination are leaving our water sources depleted of useful water. This is happening all over the United States, including Florida. There are some experts who predict that before long, South Florida will be entirely […]

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