Dealing with Rising Landscape Prices

As we have recently discussed on our blog, inflation is on the rise, and the economic times are very uncertain. While it may not seem relevant at face value to the basic cost of your landscape maintenance services, the effects of inflation reach well into our industry. Across the country, prices for landscaping have risen, as the cost of machinery, supplies, and labor have all skyrocketed. Paired with labor shortages, this leads to a general increase in the price of your landscape maintenance. It simply costs more for landscaping companies to perform jobs and projects, so price increases must be made. While this is a pain for our customers, Taylor Anthony is not immune to the current economic situation. However, there are a few ways you can deal with rising landscaping prices effectively.

How have Costs for Companies Increased?

Due to a variety of factors, including the recent supply chain issues, and the COVID-19 pandemic, prices of materials and equipment have increased drastically. These products have become more scarce, as they are less readily available to be purchased. This means that when a landscaping company goes to purchase a mower, use gas, or drive a truck, overhead increases. The same can be said for the lack of labor available, as employees must be paid more and incentivized to continue to work. As the bills stack up, landscaping companies must increase their pricing to compete.

Ways to Cope: Use Native Plant MaterialDealing with rising landscaping prices

Although costs are increasing, and high now, there are a few ways you can make long-term investments into durable and low maintenance practices to maximize your capital. One such way is to focus on using only plant material native to the local environment. Not only do these survive better and longer, as they are already accustomed to the area, but they are also much easier to acquire and cheaper with the current supply chain issues.

Rock versus Mulch

Reducing repetitive costs is a good way to lower your expenditures, and one such landscaping item that requires routine replacement is mulch. While we will talk all day about the benefits of organic mulch to your soil, rock mulch provides many of the functional benefits, without the need for maintenance. Acting decoratively or at the base of a plant bed, rock and stone can also deter weed growth and prevent soil compaction. Not to mention they look fantastic within your landscape.

Less Annuals, More Perennials

When discussing small ways to decrease your overall landscape costs, the plant material you use is important. Perennials will inherently last longer, and if you are willing to make the aesthetic sacrifice, then you will get more bang for your buck. We do not recommend a severe cutback on annuals, but they can get pricey with consistent rotation. Especially in the Florida climate, there are many long-lasting perennial plants to choose from.

Commercial Landscaping Contracts: Budget

This is where working with a commercial landscaping company comes in handy, as a larger operation is not hit quite as hard as a mom and pop. When planning out your landscaping for next year, a commercial landscaping contract is a good way to keep costs consistent, for the length of your term. Allowing for better long term planning, you will also be able to see the exact costs of individual services, rather than a broadened quote from your local guy, that is likely up in the air when things change

Commercial or Residential, Taylor Anthony is prepared to help you manage your landscape by providing the right solution for your situation, call us today at (904) 230-3386.