Drift Roses, Knockout Roses, and More!

Every landscape needs color, especially those luxury landscapes that look to give off an aura of perfection. These property owners have a wonderfully wide selection of annual and perennial flowers to choose from, especially in the warm Florida climate. However, for many years, property owners perceived one such plant to be too tough to grow, as it was both unpredictable and easily diseased. This plant was the iconic national flower of the United States, the rose. However, since that time there have been innovations in the growing of roses, that make them easy to grow for the newest of landscapers. The most popular varieties are the “Knockout Rose” and the “Drift Rose”, which happen to be developed by the same company; Star Roses. These roses are superior to the rest in every way and have taken over as the primary roses in every landscape. You need to know why, and how the installation of these roses can benefit you and your property.

Knock Out RosesWhat are Knockout Roses?

The Knockout Rose entirely changed the perception of roses as being a high maintenance, and weak resistance plant. It was specially designed and developed to be resistant to both disease and pests, especially Black Spot disease which has plagued roses for decades. They require very little maintenance other than the occasional fertilization and watering as they take root. At maturity, they grow to over 5 feet tall and come in a myriad of color options. You can get these best-selling Knockout Roses in red, pink, peach, coral, white, blushing, sunny, and their newest variety; rainbow.

Recently, the Knockout Rose family also introduced a Petite Knockout Rose, which takes all of the same great qualities into a container with a compact growth pattern. Great for smaller displays, there is nothing wrong with keeping these in mind.

Drift RosesHow About Drift Roses?

Produced by the same company, Drift Roses are the groundcover counterpart. Drift Roses are a low-maintenance dwarf species that manageably grows along the floor of your landscape. Their blooms are repetitive, while still maintaining the disease resistance to be mass planted on a commercial property. Growing similar to a shrub, you can expect them to reach about 2 feet in height. Just as low maintenance, they grow healthily in any conditions, all year long. Drift Roses are self-cleaning, which means you do not need to trim or prune. They also come in many colors including red, pink, peach, coral, white, popcorn, and lemon, which is their newest color.

Installation and Care: Leave it to the Professionals

Planting any roses is best done in the spring or fall, as the summer heat can be tough on initial growth. Soil pH would ideally fall anywhere from 6.0 to 6.5, and fertilization will need to be done in the spring, and late summer. You would also want to mulch your plant bed for an extra layer of added protection.

Although planting roses can be done on your own, it can be a daunting task. Selecting the right soil, choosing the proper time, and applying the correct maintenance techniques can be hard to perfect. While you may successfully grow roses, they might not look as gorgeous as they could. This is why using Taylor Anthony 365 to manage the installation and maintenance of your roses is your best bet. We break it down to a science, planting on exactly the right days, with the right temperatures, and the best soil. Irrigation will be consistent, with fertilization performed when needed. Taking the stress off, you can remain confident that your selected rose variety will be well on its way to showing off in your garden. Whether it be a front yard or a commercial landscape, our team is experienced and trained on all best practices and safety procedures.

Commercial or Residential, Taylor Anthony is prepared to help you manage your landscape by providing the right solution for your situation, call us today at (904) 230-3386.

Do pests like aphids, mites, and Japanese beetles hinder your roses from growing to their fullest? Click here to find out about our pest control solutions to help your roses look beautiful this upcoming season!