Fall Landscaping: How To Prepare For Autumn’s Arrival

Although the Florida climate is known for beautiful weather and good times, there are still some minor changes from season to season. When winter comes around it does actually get a little colder, and this can have some effect on your landscape. As nice as it would be, you cannot ignore the weather and its implications. With summer coming to a close, we set our sights on fall, the holiday season, and a little drop in the temperature that comes with it. Now, do not be afraid, as nothing drastic needs to be done, but there are some good ways to get ready. Here are some ways how you can prepare for autumn’s arrival.

How To Prepare For Autumn's Arrival. Plant flowers

Plant Bedding Flowers for Fall

Unlike the rest of the country, you can plant at all times of year in Florida. If you hope to retain some color moving into the fall, there are a variety of plants that can be installed. Examples of these include coleus, crossandra, ornamental pepper, and even tropical milkweed. These can be planted and maintained and should last through the fall. You can even spruce up the beds with a mulch installation, or some adjoining shrubs and trees. Edging is another great addition to working to create that uniform look that everyone is looking for. There are many material options from stone to plastic, depending on your preferences. 

Tree Pruning for Preparation

In advanced preparation for the chill of the winter, pruning in late summer is your best bet. This will remove decayed and dead foliage to make room for healthy growth. It also removes the safety risk posed by dead foliage, especially in inclement Florida weather. Additionally, feel free to remove any completely dead trees as this is as good a time as any for removal. Furthermore, smaller pieces of plant material like shrubs can also be pruned for all the same positive reasons.

Lawn Inspection for Cause of Brown Patches

With the summer being both dry and hot there are likely a couple of small brown patches on your lawn. They can easily be harmless, from a lack of water or too much moisture. Or, they could be indicative of a larger problem in your landscape like disease, pests, or weeds. It is important to have a professional take a look and ensure that the cause is not something more sinister. The earlier these things are caught, the easier time your professional will have with a diagnosis of a solution. 

Fertilize your Lawn in Late Summer

In order to give your lawn a big nutrient boost before the fall chill, apply a lawn fertilizer near the end of summer. This will give your turf the boost it needs to push through the fall and into the winter. Most fertilizers contain some combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which each work to better the health of your turf at various levels. Nitrogen focuses on deepening the color of your turf while the other two are primarily for long term root development. 

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