Hardscaping Services

Hardscapes are a fundamental component to any strong landscape design. This includes the rocks, the walkways, the fountains and any other non-living attribute to a garden, yard or entryway. Hardscapes help give the garden structure, and because they are non-living, they are also non-changing. This means that despite the weather and season, a hardscape will maintain its shape and provide boundaries and organization to the entire landscaping project.

This is an attractive option to many homeowners and property managers because of the minimal maintenance that is required with the upkeep of a hardscape design. Rather than re-planting, watering and pruning, hardscape features may require occasional washing or sweeping. Hardscapes are typically designed with practicality in mind, as well, and will often feature a place for a visitor to sit or a walkway that will guide guests through the landscaped area.


  • Rock or stone plant bed borders to line the garden
  • Flagstone and stepping stone pathways
  • Small boulders to enhance the aesthetics and add dimension
  • Rock in place of mulch in the plant beds
  • Rock or stone borders surrounding plant beds, trees and pathways

Hardscapes feature a wide collection of stone and rock pieces, including an array of colors, shapes and textures. This allows for a unique appearance and additional customization options for your home or workplace.


Hardscape designs make perfect sense for commercial properties because of their practicality and minimal upkeep. The goal of a commercial landscape is to invite customers onto the premises and send a message of professionalism and attention to detail. Hardscapes help to keep that landscape timeless by delivering an additional component that won’t change, and that the live plants will develop around over time. We provide services to businesses of all sizes, including office places, restaurants, apartment complexes and homeowner associations.


Homeowners use hardscapes as a method of differentiating parts of the yard and delivering a classic display of organization to their property. This helps to control the garden areas and prevent invasive plants from merging into the grass. Hardscapes are also a great way to align a property by offering walkways to different areas of the yard. Using hardscapes it is possible to create a backyard oasis. Once the hardscapes are laid down you are able to easily work around them to upkeep your garden, with no need to worry about maintenance of the stonework.

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