How Natural Stone Can Accent a Landscape

The use of natural stone can be one of the best ways to accent a landscape. In terms of durability, it’s a surefire win. After all, it’s held up in nature for thousands of years. But it’s also a beautiful and elegant choice that can stand the test of time.

If you’re thinking about adding natural stone, here are some ways that it can accent your landscape and add value.

Beautiful Boulders

Some homeowners are incorporating boulders into their landscapes for unique visual appeal. They add the aesthetics you’re looking for but as a maintenance-free addition.

Boulders can be utilized to build an entire rock wall. But even a singular boulder, placed in just the right spot, can have a dramatic effect. You might think about placing a large boulder in a plant bed with some native plant material to limit the amount of watering you need to do. This can keep your maintenance efforts and investments limited.

Boulders can also make attractive additions near the front of a home. Some homeowners have even added a plaque with their house number to a front yard boulder. These can make nice showpieces in the same way that a statue would serve as an accent piece.

natural stone

Rocking your Beds

Another great way to use natural stone in your landscape is to create rocks beds for your plant bed areas. One of the benefits of utilizing rocks (such as small river rock) as opposed to mulch is that it rarely (if ever) will need replacing. While it costs more upfront, it ultimately provides a great long-term investment.

Rocks are also a preferred choice in certain areas of the landscape—such as around a pool—where mulch would get blown around or tracked. Nobody wants to worry about mulch ending up in a pool or pond.

Some people also prefer the look of rock. Decorative stone is available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and even colors and using rock can lend itself to more customization. It can go a long way in helping to create a unique and customized landscape design.

Of course, if you do choose stone over mulch, you’ll need to keep in mind that certain plants do not grow as well in this environment. Stone does not provide the same nutrient enrichment to plant beds that mulch will. But a landscape professional can help you choose plant material that will still good great in a rock bed and help keep maintenance to a minimum.

Perfect Pathways

Another way that some homeowners incorporate rock into their landscape is with steppingstone paths and flagstone paths. Pathways are an important addition to your landscape that not only add aesthetic value but boost functionality as well.

Partnering with a Pro

No matter how you’re thinking about incorporating natural stone into your landscape, working with a professional will help you to achieve the most success. At Taylor Anthony 365, we can help you with your natural stone projects so that you can enjoy the end result to the fullest.