How To Maintain A Lawn & Make It Look Great All Summer Long

The goal of your landscaping efforts in the off-season is to ensure that during the peak season of summer, your property looks great. This can be tough when discussing the maintenance of your turfgrass on your lawn. Florida is full of pests, diseases, and general threats to both the health and color of your turf. These threats are enhanced by the weather that comes with a Florida summer, weakening your lawn and strengthening the effect of the disease. To get through the summer unscathed, you will need to stay on top of lawn maintenance. Not just the basic services like mowing and edging, but comprehensive care that proactively addresses the many potential problems. We wanted to give you an idea of what this care may look like, and how it will make your lawn look great all summer long. Here are those services that you need to be aware of for the summer of 2022.

Begin with Fertilization

If you are an experienced landscaper, you know the benefits of lawn fertilization. Most fertilizers contain some combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each of these chemical ingredients directly contributes to the health of your lawn. Nitrogen focuses on promoting a deeper green color, while phosphorus and potassium foster long-term root development. Fertilizing in late spring gives your lawn an initial boost of nutrients that will support it through the heat. Start strong, with spring fertilization.

Active Analysis and Inspection

Although a combination of lawn maintenance services is sure to promote a healthy lawn, there is always the chance that disease, pests, or weeds creep in. The best way to prevent their drastic effects on your lawn is with quick identification and proper application of treatment. This cannot happen if nobody is inspecting your property. This must be done yourself, or if you work with a landscape provider like Taylor Anthony, we will do it for you. Making you aware of all potential issues, solutions can quickly be put into place.

sprinklers watering the lawnInstall and Maintain Irrigation and System

It is no secret that in Florida, your lawn needs to be watered on a frequent basis. In doing so a vital nutrient for growth is being provided. The most efficient and effective way to disperse this water in your landscape is through an irrigation system. Especially on a commercial property with a large, water-guzzling lawn, overwatering can be a problem. Modern irrigation systems can be automated and tweaked to both save you time, and money. Additionally, your lawn is certain to be getting watered better than if by hand.

Mowing Best Practices

Often overlooked, there is something to be said about how mowing is done on your property and its contribution to long-term health. Make sure that during the summer, your lawn is being mowed weekly, never taking off more than ⅓ of the blade. For commercial property, it is always wisest to utilize a commercial landscaping company, like Taylor Anthony 365. Our team can perform all of the aforementioned services, to the highest quality of work standards. If you want your lawn to look great all summer long, put your trust in the team at Taylor Anthony, and we won’t let you down.

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