How To Make Flowerbeds Look Professionally Maintained


Many of us take great pride and put a lot of work into our homes inside and out.  We all want our lawns to be lush and green and our flowers and plants to add beauty to our homes and look like we had a professional landscaper looking after them.  The good news is that there are a few easy things you can do to make your flowerbeds look professionally maintained even if they are not.  

Use Weed Fabric  

Putting weed fabric under gravel or mulch does more than keeping weeds out and retain moisture.  It provides a barrier between the gravel or mulch and the dirt below, so the dirt doesn’t find its way into your mulching material and looks messy.  

Create an Edge

Use plastic or metal edging around your flowerbeds.  It allows your beds to hold their shape and keep a divider between them and your lawn or walkway.  Installing the edging in a curved pattern will give it the look that it was professionally designed as well as interest, instead of boring straight lines.  

Use Crushed Stone

Using crushed stone in your flowerbeds makes it easier to maintain because you never have to replace it or refresh it as you do with wood mulches.  It can add drama to your flowerbeds to see lovely white or gray stones where you would expect to see brown mulch or dirt.  

Use Starter Fertilizer

Whenever planting something new, use a starter fertilizer to give your flowers a good head start.  Starter fertilizers have the nutrients to give plants a boost and to improve their chances of surviving being replanted. 

Use Pots

Your flowerbeds will look more interesting if you combine a few pots with your regular plantings.  It is an easy way to add a unique design to your landscape that you can always change out later.  Beautiful pots can enhance the lovely colors of your flowerbeds.

Choose Native Flowers

Plants that are native to the region have a greater chance of thriving.  They also generally require less maintenance because they use less water and are better able to fight off native insects.

Incorporate a Variety of Flowers

Using flowers that are not only different colors or stick to a theme, but that also bloom at different times will ensure that you have colors in your flowerbeds throughout the season.  Adding some annuals to your perennials will allow you to change things up whenever you want.  

Show Them Some Attention

Inspect your beds often.  Nothing says you are not using a professional like overgrown plants and dead flower heads.  Take a quick walk through every day to deadhead the flowers, pick up any debris, and spot any potential problems.  

Get a Professional to Do It

The best way to make your flowerbeds look like they were professionally maintained is to have a professional maintain them!  It may be cheaper than you think.  At Taylor Anthony 365, we offer a variety of landscaping services and maintenance programs that will keep your landscape looking beautiful.

Commercial or residential, Taylor Anthony is prepared to help you attain the landscaping solution that is ideal for your situation, call us today at (904) 230-3386.