How To Prepare For A Summer Of Lawn Maintenance

With the weather going from a springtime chill to summer heat, growth in your landscape is sure to accelerate. Not only will growth be peaking, but so will the many predators that exist. Disease, drought, and pests will be looking to attack your lawn, and if it has not been properly maintained, they may be successful in their attack. Good lawn maintenance is the best defense against these potential problems and the best promoter of lush green grass. Whether you maintain your lawn yourself or work with a landscaping company like Taylor Anthony, summer is when lawn maintenance ramps up. Preparation for this lawn care can help its effectiveness, which is why we wanted to let you know how to prepare for a summer of lawn maintenance in 2022.

Pre-Summer Irrigation Check

Every lawn requires a variety of nutrients to grow healthily, from nitrogen to water. The most efficient way to disperse the latter is through an irrigation system. Especially on a commercial or large residential property, hand watering can take up too much time and does not even guarantee proper coverage. Smart irrigation systems utilize 24/7 weather data, along with automation systems and simple settings. This ensures proper coverage and timing, which saves you money and time. Now, assuming you already utilize such a system, you need to have it checked before the summer. With the increase in heat, the need for irrigation is heightened, and your system must be inspected for faulty valves or stray sprinkler heads. This irrigation check will be a comprehensive look at your system, making sure that your system is prepped for the uptick in work this summer. Problems can potentially cause browned turf from a lack of water, which we hope to avoid. Make this a monthly practice for the best irrigation results.

Identify and Determine Cause of Brown Patches

Coming out of the winter it is not the end of the world if your lawn possesses a couple of brown spots. Problem is, there are many different lawn issues that can cause brown patches. It could be both a lack of water or an excess of water. Other potential reasons include a variety of lawn pests or any fungal disease. Identification of these brown patches is key, so you can determine what is causing them. The sooner you determine the cause, the sooner you can apply a solution. If it is a pest issue, a pesticide treatment will be needed. For disease, you may need a fungicide or an herbicide should it be a weed problem. Refer to our last section if it turns out to be a water issue. In whatever situation, utilize our team at Taylor Anthony 365 to ensure that you are determining the proper reasoning for your dead turf.

Utilize Weed Control for Lawn Success

As important as it is to identify the cause of brown patches, you should prevent potential causes when given the opportunity. This means performing routine lawn inspections or having them performed by your landscaper. Weeds are rampant in Florida, and from broadleaf to grassy, they would love to take over your turf. The sooner you catch a weed infestation, the quicker it can be identified and dealt with. Working with a landscaper can be important as proper identification is a must if you hope to properly deal with it. Application of the right treatment will have weeds running in fear.

Work with a Professional Landscaping Company

Hands down the best way to prepare for a summer of lawn maintenance is by working with a professional landscaping company that can take care of your lawn for you. This way you get the best quality of work, and a comprehensive lawn program that includes irrigation, pest control, fertilization, and other additional services that will ensure a healthy lawn. With Taylor Anthony 365, you cannot go wrong, so give us a call today.

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