How To Prepare Your Landscape For An Unforgettable Holiday

With the holiday season fast approaching, and virtually upon us, you might be worried about the prospect of your extended family descending upon your home for the festivities. Keeping up with appearances is one thing in the neighborhood, but making a good impression on the family can be another ordeal entirely. Feeling the pressure is natural, especially when it comes to the outdoors. Tidying up the house can be very straightforward, but when it comes to keeping your landscape uniform, it can be hard to know where to begin. Restoring your landscape to the organized and structured masterpiece it once was is our goal in this blog, helping you with how to prepare your landscape for an unforgettable holiday. We will focus on the services that will best get you where you need to be.

Mulch: Restore or ReplaceHow To Prepare Your Landscape For An Unforgettable Holiday

The first sign of a disheveled landscape is the lawn, and the second is the mulch. We typically recommend mulch be used at the base of most large plant materials like shrubs and trees, as well as the base of plant beds. This is for good reason, as mulch offers a wide range of benefits to your roots. During the winter it insulates the soil to keep cold out, heat in, and vice versa during the summer. Mulch also prevents weed growth and soil erosion, while looking stunning aesthetically. This is why you see mulch on every landscape, and why yours needs to be tidy. If your mulch has fallen into disarray, simply take the time to even it out. If you need a complete mulch replacement, you know who to call.

Bed Edging: Uniformity

Uniformity might be the word of the day, and this recommendation falls right in line with our previous section about mulch. It is often found in plant beds, or at the base of trees, which are equally important in their need for uniformity. If you are looking to impress the in-laws, then edge these areas. Adding a layer around them to keep mulch and soil in adds to the organization of the property. On top of that, there are many different edging materials to choose from depending on your level of commitment. If you prefer a classy, durable look, choose something like stone or rock. For a quick and easy solution aluminum, plastic, or wood will do the trick. We highly recommend this as a convenient way to clean up your landscape.

Trimming and Pruning

Another way to ensure a poor impression is to leave your larger plant material unkempt. Over time foliage will grow, whether you like it or not. Sometimes this foliage will wither and die, or it will grow straight into your home. Pruning is the solution to this problem, cleaning up the plant material for a cleaner look. The shape can be tailored to your liking, and growth directed away from your property. Removing decay makes room for healthy growth, so this is a landscape maintenance activity that should be performed regardless of the holiday season. This just happens to be perfect timing. 

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