How to Prepare Your Yard for a Hurricane

How to Prepare Your Yard for a Hurricane:

How to Prepare Your Yard for a Hurricane

Living in Florida, extreme weather like tropical storms and hurricanes isn’t too out of the ordinary. But with the massive amount of wind, rain, and debris that will be attacking not only your house, but your yard as well, it can be hard to know how to prepare your yard for the oncoming weather. Below are a few simple tips to follow to prepare your yard for a hurricane

1. Cut away all dead tree branches to prevent them from falling onto your house.

2. If you have young trees that are still staked, make sure that the stakes are driven deep into the ground to prevent them from blowing away.

3. If you have lawn ornaments, garbage cans, toys, or play equipment, make sure to put them away in the garage.

4. Make sure that no chemicals, fertilizers, or motor oil is outside during a storm.

While preparing for a storm is never 100%, these tips will help to protect both your yard and your home this hurricane season

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