Is Now the Best Time to Install New Plants?

It is a commonly known fact that many of Florida’s residents were attracted to the state by the tropical climate, and may have experienced harsher winters in other areas. This oftentimes may lead to a predisposition to not plant in the fall and winter. One of the greatest benefits to the tropical climate we experience here in Florida, is our ability to plant just about all year round. Even though it is currently winter, now is a great time to install heartier plant materials. Although you won’t be planting any tropicals around the pool, there are still plenty of great options for your property, to keep you busy, or add some low maintenance, winter color. So when we ask the question, “Is now the best time to install new plants?”, the answer is a resounding, yes! Here are some ways in which you can install new plant material this winter and what value they can bring to your landscape.

What to Plant

Barring sensitive tropicals, the cooler temperatures of the off-season are great for the installation of new plant material as you can avoid the heavy summer heat and still establish a good healthy root system. This time of year can be great for planting Camellias and deciduous fruit trees, and in doing so helping celebrate arbor day this January. If you would like to plant bedding plants, think about pansy, viola, petunia, and snapdragon. Dianthus and Dusty Miller are also great, hardy options for the cooler weather, and can really spice up your landscape with their bright colors.

Functional Winter Plant Installations

One very practical idea for planting this winter season is the installation of new shrubs. When doing so, it is important to consider their expected growth at maturity, both height and spread, in order to ensure that they don’t damage your home or the plants surrounding them. Shrubs can provide great privacy landscaping, soil stability, enhanced air quality while adding a unique beautifying aspect to your landscape. As aforementioned, Camellias can be a great choice when looking for a hearty shrub, and the pink color will do wonders for your aesthetic.

install new plants

Benefits of Cold Weather Plants

Installing cold weather plants can serve more of a purpose than just a gardening task taken on out of boredom, but can make a real difference in the overall health of your landscape. Establishing cold hardy shrubs around bedding areas can protect flowering plants from cold wind, and cold hardy plants reduce the likelihood of injury to more susceptible plants and shrubs. Although the temperatures rarely decrease below 40 degrees, there will be days when the temperature is at or below freezing, which can have a harsh impact on your plants. These cold hardy plants are long term investments whose color you can be confident in all year long.

Use a Professional

While we are confident you can handle the DIY of cold weather plants, we know that you could be assisted by an experienced team from Taylor Anthony. If you are interested in planting this winter, do not hesitate to contact Taylor Anthony, as we would be more than happy to consult, or assist in the addition of new plant material to your gorgeous Florida landscape.

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