June is National Safety Month

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? This not only applies to people, but plants and animals as well. Everyone knows that Florida’s summers are scorching hot, and while we think about keeping our bodies hydrated, we often forget to think about the well being of our plants as well. Plants need added water in the summertime just as we do, to stay vibrant and healthy. Below are a few ways to make sure that you’re keeping your plants safe this summer.

Safety image with person and hardhat.


While plants need added water in the summer, this doesn’t mean to water them every day. Over watering can be almost as disastrous as under watering. You want to water your plants about 2x per week, but water them for a longer period of time. Try adding in an extra 10 minutes of watering to keep your plants nice and healthy.


You want to water your plants either in the early morning before the sun has come up, or very late into the evening when the sun has gone down. By watering at these times, your plants are able to soak up all of the water without the heat of the sun bearing down on them and zapping away all of the water.


As explained in the first step, you want to water more thoroughly, not frequently, because this can lead to water logging. Water logging is when plants are receiving water at a rate faster than which they can absorb it. This suffocates the oxygen around the plants roots, which in turn kills the plant because it’s not receiving any oxygen.