Landscape Design and Maintenance

Well-maintained landscapes have many things in common. Their lawns are green and healthy, and there is a bright color to be found across the property. Trees are mature and pruned, and an irrigation system has been put in place to keep the greenery well watered. Additionally, routine treatments and services are performed, such as fertilization, aeration, and even weed control. As well as a great landscape design to start. The combination of these leads to the happiest and healthiest landscape possible. However, there is one stark difference between well-maintained landscapes and amazing landscapes. The best landscapes are routinely being added to, with enhancements, and design-build projects being installed on an annual basis. When taking on these projects, property owners often work with Taylor Anthony, trusting our experience and quality of work. In virtue of transparency, we wanted to open up about our design-build process, and how it can work for you.landscape design of a front yard

Initial Consultation

When you show interest in taking on a landscape design project with Taylor Anthony, we will send out a team member to consult you on your property, free of charge, just to see if it is the right fit. We will want to hear your ideas and vision, and will discuss with you how our resources could be applied to find a solution. This will be a free, and no-obligation process, as we want you to feel as comfortable working with us, as we are with you.

Landscape Design Creation

Once we have an idea of what you are looking for, we will create a complex drawing that will bring your design to life. We want you to have a near-exact idea of what to expect out of the project. It is important to note this landscape design will incur a charge, as this design will be thorough and time-consuming. You will be able to look over and modify the design, allowing you even more creative freedom. We will also give you a quote at this time, with materials and labor all accounted for. This is your time to ask the most specific questions, about all aspects of the project.

Agreement and Deposit

Assuming you are satisfied with the landscape design and have made your requested changes, we will finalize the agreement, and a 50 percent deposit will be due. We only charge half upfront, as we want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. Once this is done, we will be able to get started on your project and make your dreams a reality.

Scheduling and Installation of your landscape design

At the point where the design has been approved, the deposit has been paid, and the property is ready to be worked upon, we will get started! We will try to work around your schedule as best we can, while getting your project done in a timely manner. Communication is our priority during this part of the process, so you remain in the loop. You can expect both reliable and consistent work, all the way through.

Final Walkthrough

guy watering the landscape

In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, we will walk you through the project after completion. This is where we will ensure your satisfaction, and work with you on how to maintain it, and go over other future maintenance that may be required. At this point in the process, we are confident you will be satisfied with our work, as we always do the absolute best we can.

Commercial or Residential, Taylor Anthony is prepared to help you manage your landscape by providing the right solution for your situation, call us today at (904) 230-3386.