Landscape Lighting

Light Up the Night!


Taylor Anthony 365 offers outdoor lighting to showcase your home, while also making it safer and inviting. We offer a wide selection of flood and spot lights that can be used in trees, spread lights for walls and shrubs, path lights for walkways and driveways, and well lights for columns and other architecture.


Do you feel confident walking your property in the dark? Landscape Lighting illuminates your yard so kids and pets can play longer. You won’t worry about tripping over rocks or branches if your path is lit up. Most importantly, you will not miss the snake or other reptile waiting on your route to the mailbox!

Landscape Lighting Consultations & Estimates

We offer a complimentary design consultation that includes a custom design that will highlight the unique architectural elements of your home. You can feel confident that you will always receive a free, detailed written estimate from the professional staff at Taylor Anthony 365.

Landscape Lighting Demonstrations

They say nothing in life is free – but demos with Taylor Anthony 365 truly are! If you have never had landscape lighting before or just want to decide if landscape lighting is worth your investment, we offer complimentary landscape lighting demonstrations. We will set up landscape lights in a small area of your front yard or backyard and leave the lights for 1-2 nights and allow you to enjoy them. Again, our demonstrations are free!

Landscape Lighting Installation

With low voltage lighting, we connect our transformers directly to your outdoor outlet(s). If you don’t have an outdoor outlet where we need it, we can easily install one for you. No heavy machinery is used, and we do not cause damage to your yard or landscaping. Most installations for either front yard or backyard installations take one day.

Landscape Lighting Costs

Everyone wants a beautiful, accented yard, but cost can be a concern. Taylor Anthony 365 believes in transparency. Below, please find the average costs:

  • Outdoor Lighting – On average, a basic 6-8 light system cost $1,800 -$2,000 for a complete system. Average front and backyard Systems can range between $3,500 $4,975, depending on the number and type of lights chosen.
  • Electrical – Our landscape lighting systems are energy efficient LED which consume up to 80% less electricity than the older halogen/incandescent lighting systems. On average, a 25 –light low voltage lighting system that we install will consume no more electricity than one (1) 100-watt light bulb.

Landscape Lighting Warranty

Our affordable low voltage, led, lighting systems are custom to your lighting project and flexible so that you can change or add to your system. We offer a life-time warranty on our lights because they are built to last. We do not sell package systems like you might find in home improvement stores, most of these last 3-4 years. Our transformers, cable and wiring are covered for 10 years. Our light bulbs have a one-year warranty.

Landscape Lighting Materials

We use the highest quality materials to ensure you investment provides years of hassle-free enjoyment! Most of our materials are solid brass and carry a life-time warranty.

Landscape Lighting Brings Your Landscape To Life

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