Landscaping Services to think about this Spring

As spring rolls around, the already perfect Florida climate gets even warmer, bringing about the perfect time to get started on your landscaping for the year. As a property owner or property manager, this is the best time to think about enhancing your landscape. Preparing for the summer, and peak visitation, you can make a real effect on your visitors with a few updates. With it being the perfect time to plant, maybe it is time to check out some new annuals, or even design a beautiful hardscape. Whatever the direction you intend to go, we wanted to gather a comprehensive list of the landscaping services we think you need, as we move into this gorgeous spring season.

Time to Plant

With it being March, now is the best time to start looking at planting a variety of plant material. Early spring is a great time for warm annuals, as well as all types of trees and shrubs. Whether you feel like your property lacks some privacy, and you want a new shrub, or you want to install a tree for the future, now is the time. Some warm season annuals we often recommend include: wax begonias, pentas and zinnias. These bright colors can add spice to your property, and make your landscape pop.

Evaluate your Irrigation

Especially as we move into summer, irrigation is vital to the health of your landscape. As we like to say, without water, your property will fail to thrive. Preventative care for your irrigation system can have a multitude of benefits. Saving water means saving money, adding a cushion to your bottom-line. At Taylor Anthony, irrigation repairs and maintenance is our specialty, with trained technicians ready to evaluate your needs. Leaving irrigation to the professionals is generally the best idea, as mistakes can be costly and cumulative. 

Install a Hardscape

Although Florida has been open for sometime, people across the country are still struggling to find ways to gather safely in this COVID era. One way you can assist in this process is by installing a new patio, or common area. People love to feel like a part of a community, and adding a place for tenants and visitors to congregate can be great for morale. 


Tried and true, mulching your property is going to be a great way to add moisture as drier weather approaches. Mulch has such a variety of undisputed benefits, naturally fertilizing, and looking great on top. Inorganic rock mulches can also be cost effective, and help minimize weed growth.

Spring Cleanups

Now, we know your landscape takes a lot of care, and sometimes can be overwhelming. If you need a blank slate to work with this spring, a spring cleanup might be the service for you. From tree pruning, to weed control, to mowing, Taylor Anthony has you covered. We can revitalize a neglected yard or just prepare it for spring services. Either way, it is a great resource in giving you the breathing room you need when attacking your landscaping this spring.

Commercial or Residential, Taylor Anthony is prepared to help you manage your landscape by providing the right solution for your situation, call us today at (904) 230-3386.