Lawn Maintenance

As a homeowner or commercial property manager, your lawn maintenance is a top priority. The centerpiece to your landscape, you want it to remain green, and healthy. Every single person has at one point or another, been wowed by a manicured piece of turf. With the warm weather, we experience here in Florida, there is a multitude of threats that your lawn faces every month. It is a ripe climate for both pests and disease, so your lawn must remain resilient at all times. However, when it comes to your lawn maintenance, it is more than just mowing that takes precedence. Your lawn needs to be treated in a variety of ways to protect its future. Here are some of those treatments you should consider, and why they may benefit your lawn this fall.

sprinklers watering the lawn

Lawn Maintenance and Fall Fertilization

As the weather cools off, and the potential for frost conditions increases, your lawn will have a harder time getting the nutrients it needs. This can be counteracted by fertilization treatments. Fertilizing is the start of good lawn maintenance.  Fertilizing your lawn gives it the nutrients it needs to store over winter, and a boost to beat bugs, disease, and weeds. General lawn fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each of these nutrients directly contributes to a piece of your lawn’s health. Nitrogen will actually make your grass greener, whereas phosphorus focuses more on root development. Potassium is unique, as it is long-acting, keeping your turf healthy in the worst of conditions. Overall, the fall is a great time to take advantage of a fertilization treatment, especially for grasses such as Bahia, Bermuda, Zoysia, or St. Augustine, all common in our area.

Fall Weed Control

An obvious potential threat to your lawn and landscape, weeds are always trying to sneak their way onto your property. One of the most opportune times for them to do this is during winter, as your lawn is the weakest, and ripe for taking over. Again, you can counter this potential threat with the use of a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn this fall. This makes the areas in which weeds would invade unsuitable for growth. If you know weeds are coming, and are a consistent problem in your lawn, this is a great way to head off the issue. With Taylor Anthony, this herbicide will be carefully selected, and safely used with the specifications of your property in mind. This service can also extend to your plant beds, where weeds often sprout up.

Brown Patches in your Yard?

While this last lawn treatment is not a necessity, it can be required in certain situations. If your lawn appears to take on large decaying areas, where browning is prevalent, you may have a fungal disease or lawn pest issue. At Taylor Anthony, we actually do not provide pest control services or treatments, but we want to look out for our clients and let them know whatpicture of a healthy green lawn  to be wary of. If you encounter these brown patches this fall, consult your landscaping professional, ideally Taylor Anthony 365, for the next steps. Our goal is to keep your lawn and landscape at maximum health, so we will do everything we can to help you achieve that goal.


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