Modern Backyard Landscaping for the Entertainer

We all have that one friend whose backyard is built perfect for hosting. A great place to have drinks with some friends or family over for the weekend, they have it made. One weekend after enjoying a cookout on a breezy summer night, you wish you could have this luxury for yourself. Luckily for you, an aspiring entertainer, we have gathered a guide right here to help you grasp modern backyard landscaping. To begin we will list some helpful landscaping ideas for your backyard, turning it into an entertainment oasis.

Backyard Dining Area

If you want to get more use out of your backyard, try adding a dining area for al fresco lunches and dinners. This can range from something as simple as a picnic table, to something as elaborate as an outdoor kitchen. For a simple backyard landscaping project, create a patio by using large paving stones or a slab of concrete. Add a table, chairs and some colorful decorations for a cozy feel. Place a grill nearby, and you’re ready for BBQs, Sunday brunch and more. Who wouldn’t want a nice dining area in their backyard?

Modern Lighting

Make your backyard space feel even cozier by stringing lights from one side of the yard to the other. That way, you won’t have to use up coveted floor space with standing lamps. These lights can add to the mood, as well as provide a pleasing aesthetic for all your guests.

You can also easily incorporate more complex landscape lighting, lamps or on the floor, and add to the ambience of your backyard.

Yard Games 

Whether you call it “bags” or “cornhole”, it is a game loved by many and a staple at so many functions. Singles and couples without kids can get a kick out of these backyard fun for adults options as well. And if you do have kids, bonus – they’ll grow into loving these same amazing games, too. These games can carry the night, with tournaments, drinks and fun all included. Keeping a well kept, well lit grass area specifically for this purpose can be beneficial to every yard.

Privacy Gardening

If you’re in love with the idea of a full out outdoor entertaining area but want to keep things private, we highly recommend getting a beautiful, plant based, privacy fence installed.

Even better, go “wild” with your already existing fences and plant flowers, greenery, or anything else you love to look at.

Not only does a shrub or green fence provide you the privacy you crave, but it becomes a talking point and spot you love to gaze upon while you chat and drink cocoa by the firepit. Just be sure to use plants that you’ll be able to enjoy year round, or change them out regularly to keep things fresh.

Keep Things Fresh With Lots of Plant Life

The small touches matter a lot in a backyard entertaining area. Too much plant life and you can feel overwhelmed and swallowed up by a jungle. Not enough and it can seem barren and lifeless. 

A good solution is getting some interesting and manicured plants, and making sure they stay neat and tidy.

Look for colorful plants too, like these bright, eye catching purple flowers. And if you have a small outdoor space, you can add plant beds in your yard close to the patio to capture that outdoorsy feel without sacrificing a lot of the patio floor space to planters.

These are just a few ways you can implement modern backyard landscaping, and be your friends favorite entertainer!

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