Monthly Pest Control Services With Peace Of Mind

It can often be overwhelming for property owners to confront every threat to their landscape on their own. Fertilization to maintain a healthy line of defense, and weed control to keep out the broadleaf and grassy weeds that love to invade. Preventing lawn disease from taking over can feel like a shot in the dark, but lucky for you, this does not have to be the case with pests. Due to the tropical climate, we experience in Florida, we get to enjoy a great environment for healthy growth. However, it also makes for a lawn pest breeding ground, home to everything from chinch bugs to grubs. At Taylor Anthony, we recently rolled out our monthly pest control program, which provides comprehensive pest control services to your property all year long. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits, and how it can bring you pest control peace of mind.

Not Just Pest Treatments

One of the differentiating factors between our pest control program and that of the competition is that we go beyond just pest control treatments. The best defense against lawn pests is healthy turf that can defend itself. With that being said we integrate essential lawn maintenance services into our pest control program to give you unmatched care. With some level of fertilization taking place every other month, you can be sure your lawn has the nutrients it needs to fend off predators. The format of the fertilizer also rotates from granular to liquid to make sure your lawn is taking in the optimal quantity. Additionally, because disease and weeds can be the precursor to a pest infestation, we also routinely apply pre and post-emergent weed control treatments, as well as fungal treatments for those pesky lawn diseases. You truly get an all-encompassing treatment package. 

Professional Application

On top of the attentive monthly care that you will receive, you also enjoy the benefits of professional application of all chemical treatments. Many homeowners worry about the DIY use of fungal, pest, and weed control treatments due to the potential safety implications. When you work with Taylor Anthony, we will keep you informed on all best safety practices, and ensure that applications are performed effectively and safely. Not only will you get a professional guarantee of improved quality, you can have peace of mind that your property will be safe for use.

Catching Infestation Early

When your lawn is being treated on a monthly basis, you can be assured that any pests that make their way through our protective barrier will be spotted and quickly stamped out. The worst cases of lawn pest infestation occur when they go unnoticed and are allowed to take over the property before treatment is applied. With the professionals at Taylor Anthony taking a monthly look at your landscape, we will catch it early, and prevent any further damage. With 365 days of pest control, you can be sure that your lawn is the last place a pest wants to be. For more information on our pest control program, check out our website here.

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