Mowing Your Lawn: How Often Should You Do It?

It is hard to think of a more essential piece of your landscape than the lawn. In almost every case, even if everything else is falling apart, a lush lawn can make up the difference. It is the first thing anyone will notice, and sets the tone of your property. In an ideal climate with the ideal amount of sunlight, the ideal amount of water, and no lawn predators, it seems pretty easy. Just mow it every so often, add some fertilizer now and then – maybe edge it for the aesthetic. However, proper lawn maintenance is so much more. Many people wonder about exactly when they should mow their lawn, how high, and at what frequency. These are the questions we are here to answer.

Pro Tip: Raise Mowing Height

If you choose to mow your lawn on your own, then you may be making a grave mistake. Cutting your turf too short can cause undue amounts of stress, and eventual damage. Turf must work extra hard to grow back, right after being cut off from much of its nutrient stores. Raising mowing heights plays into the frequency of your mowing, as more frequent mows with higher cuts will produce a healthier turf with deeper roots.

Deposit Clippings into Lawn

Mowing Your Lawn: How Often Should You Do It?

Once again if you mow turf on your own, there are some best practices to follow. Most people spray grass clippings off their lawns or bag them. Because these clippings contain biological material and nutrients, you should dispense them back onto your lawn. As they degrade they will keep your turf healthier.

Fertilization: Remember September

As we move closer to the fall, you need to think about fertilizing your lawn. This is the direct addition of the nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each one serves a different purpose in your turf, assisting in the coloring and root development. Early fall is the best time to fertilize before the chill of the winter and it will give your lawn a leg up in facing predators like pests and weeds. While this can be done DIY, consult a lawn care professional like Taylor Anthony for the best results. 

Lawn Inspections

Another important item on your lawn checklist is inspections. These need to be performed routinely in order to catch any potential issues early on. Things like disease, pests, and weeds can all cause havoc on your turf, and catching them early makes treatment exponentially easier. Simply looking out for issues is the best preventive control. 

Mowing Your Lawn: How Often Should You Do It?Frequency of Lawn Mowing

Finally, to answer the title question of this blog, you should mow your lawn every week during the growing season, and every other week when growth slows down in the winter. It really is that simple, but a good rule of thumb is to never cut off more than ⅓ of the blade at one time. Follow this rule and your turf will thank you. 

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