Nothing Like Roses In Spring

Every spring, you need a fresh selection of perennial plants for the year and annual flowers for the season. Specifically, you want those flowers that will bring an exciting pop of color to the property. For the classiest of those options, there is no need to look past roses. In fact, there is nothing like roses in the spring! 

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Classically roses have been understood to be tough to care for. However, modern rose varieties easily found in Florida have been bred to be a super easy installation. They have always been known to be low maintenance, as they are extremely hardy and tough to kill. Roses are one of the most resilient plants you will find, this is just another reason why roses are so great.

Rose Care Mistakes to Avoid

While roses are easy to care for these days, like any other plant they still require some routine maintenance. Firstly, you need to make sure that your rose is planted in the proper location. Some will need full sun, and ample space to spread out. In dry weather, you will also need to water roses about once a week. You also need to inspect them routinely for disease, which can be promptly pruned off. Lastly, you need to select the right variety of roses, which we will discuss next.

Drift Roses

One of our favorite modern rose varieties, Drift Roses is a combination of groundcover and miniature roses. These attributes grant them the best of both worlds, taking the positive qualities of each. Like groundcover, they are resistant to most potential problems, and hardy in the winter. Like their miniature cousins, they gained the ability to repeat bloom. These roses come in 10 different colors, with every shade available from white to red. They can be planted in containers and need the full sun. Although they are not resistant to deer, they will bloom once again if eaten. 

Knockout Roses

Hands down these are the most popular roses on the market. These shrub roses were engineered to be the simplest and best shrubs to grow available. Knockout Roses also repeat bloom all year long, from spring until winter. They also do not need to be deadheaded and are some of the most self-sufficient due to being so disease resistant. The company itself even offers an easy planting guide, right here on their website. There are also tons of color options, from single to double blooms.

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