Now is a Good Time for Sod

With springtime upon us, it becomes a relevant question as to whether or not it might be time to sod your lawn. Whether it be to cover up some rough spots, or just to spruce up your yard, sod is a great choice, especially in the spring. The cool weather perfectly suits sod, with the moderate temperature and more frequent rainfall assisting in the roots ability to deepen. Getting this done before summer allows you to avoid the scorching heat, and keep the sod damp for the time being. When done correctly, sod can be a great foundation for healthy grass growth, and give your lawn the refurnishing it needs. We have gathered the necessary information, hoping to help you make a well-informed choice when it comes to going green this spring.

Benefits of Sod

While some people prefer to go all-natural, planting grass seed, and tending to a fragile piece of the yard, this is very inconvenient. Sod alleviates this problem, as once it is laid, you have a beautiful lawn, ready to go. Additionally, sod prevents erosion, as it sits atop your soil, similarly making irrigation less intensive. Rather than wait 18 months for natural grass to grow, you can install sod, and be ready to go in 2 weeks. Sod may seem like the easy way out, and it is, giving you all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks. Not to mention, overall, sod requires very little maintenance once installed, leaving you with valuable free time.

Soil Preparation 

The number one thing you need to stay on top of before taking on sodding your Florida lawn, is your soil. Healthy soil is essential to healthy sod, so make sure you do a spring cleanup of your lawn, removing debris. You are also going to want to loosen the top 6-8 inches of soil, preferably with a rototiller, and spread compost for good measure. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even add some sand to improve your drainage. Furthermore, you could even get a soil test, and determine exactly what fertilizer would benefit your lawn the most.

Leave the Installation to a Professional

We know it may be tempting to try to install sod on your own, but we do not recommend it. Sod installation is a tricky process, and you need to make sure it is done right. From leveling your lawn, to laying down the rows, there are many minute details you do not want to miss. Leaving the liability and work to trained professionals, like Taylor Anthony, will ensure you the best care possible. 

Sod Maintenance

After having your sod installed, there will be some minor maintenance and upkeep required to keep your sod looking fresh and clean. For the first two weeks after installation, try to prevent foot traffic, and water daily. After this initial watering schedule, you can water it like you would a normal lawn, once a week. Also, fertilize your sod after the intense watering schedule, as it will need the nutrients. Give it some time to grow before mowing, and make sure you or your landscape provider is following best practices.

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