Off-Season Irrigation Practices

Irrigation is one of the most vital services we provide to our clients. It is key to a lush, green lawn and often the difference between a struggling lawn, and a well performing lawn. One of the downsides to irrigation however, is the required off season maintenance. Across the country property owners must begin to winterize their systems as impending cold weather approaches. Luckily for you, as a Florida resident, there typically is no need for any real winterization of your irrigation system, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some best practices for your irrigation system this off-season. We have taken the liberty of gathering some of these best practices for you to take advantage of right here.

Do I turn my Irrigation System off?

One of the questions we most commonly encounter from our clients is, “Do I turn my irrigation system off?” Barring the need to turn it off for an incoming freeze, or severe frost, there typically should be no reason that you need to shut off your irrigation, and most certainly not for the entire season. It is best that your grass stay dry if there is to be a freeze, so keep a lookout on the weather forecast, and preemptively turn your system off if this rare occurrence takes place.

irrigation practices

Get your System Checked

Oftentimes, as spring and summer approach, we get bombarded with requests for irrigation to be checked, and as this is one of the busiest seasons for us, we find it to be convenient when we can come out during the late winter to check your system. Getting this done early ensures that your system will be taken care of promptly and before any serious maintenance issues arise. If you wait to do this, you run the risk of having to wait a couple weeks before we are able to get out, and if something goes wrong, you could be looking at a fried yard thanks to our lovely Florida heat.

Watch and Wait

There is no better way to know when and what to do with your irrigation system than to pay close attention to your lawn. Signs such as folded grass, or a bluish tint can be tell-tale signs that your grass is dry and in need of watering, or an amplified schedule. During the winter, you must balance the lack of rain and need for watering, with the propensity for many to over water, hurting their lawn. As you watch and learn more about your lawn, you will be able to figure out the best schedule for you. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, this leads us right into our last point.

Trust the Professionals

Irrigation evaluation and repair are specialty trades. It is vital that you leave it in the hands of a trusted company that possess irrigation technicians fully trained and experienced in these services. This peace of mind, knowing that your lawn is in the right hands, is always going to lead to the best result for your irrigation.

Get your system checked, leave your irrigation system on, and pay close attention to your grass this off season, and we are confident that your lawn will look fantastic come spring and summer. We at Taylor Anthony are more than happy to meet any and all of your irrigation needs.

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