Palm Tree Trimming – Ins & Outs

An arborist Pruning a Palm Tree

Keeping your palm trees looking their best is an essential task when it comes to the overall aesthetics of your property. Palm trees are the quintessential Florida tree—evoking a sense of tranquility and enjoyment simply with their graceful appearance. You probably appreciate your palm trees when it comes to the personal slice of paradise that they create on your landscape.

But you might not know much about what’s involved in palm tree maintenance.

The fact is, proper palm tree maintenance is actually crucial to their survival. Among the most important maintenance tasks is pruning palm trees. The way in which this service is performed will make a difference in the overall success.

What to Know about Pruning Palm Trees

Similar to pruning any tree, the process of pruning a palm tree should begin with a thorough inspection. Look for palm fronds that are yellow, brown, or broken, as these are the ones that should be trimmed off of the tree. Ultimately, your goal should be to prune off problematic fronds or limbs as well as flowers or developing fruit from the palm (if yours is a flowering species).

Some of the biggest palm pruning mistakes that are made are related to over-pruning.

The biggest concern with over-pruning is that removing too many fronds can put the palm into a “deficit mode” as a result of taking away the plant’s food-producing capacity. When this is done too many times, it can cause lasting damage. You can put the tree at risk of developing problems from diseases and pests. In fact, over-pruning can even lead to the possible death of the plant.

Keep in mind that using the proper pruning tools is also important. A handsaw works in most cases. Just make sure that you are using a clean tool that has been disinfected in between palms so that you are not spreading disease from one tree to another.

Pruned palm tree frond around the tree trunk

The Dangers of Pruning Palm Trees

Because of the importance of getting this service done the right way, many homeowners do look toward the help of a pro. But beyond understanding the proper methods for palm tree pruning, it’s also important to note that pruning can be dangerous. Although you might be able to handle pruning a small palm tree on your own, needing to carry sharp pruning tools up a ladder can make pruning a tall palm tree a very dangerous task.

There is also a hidden threat of palm trees that many homeowners are not aware of—suffocation. Though it may sound hard to believe, the most common cause of death for palm tree trimmers is suffocation as a result of collapsing fronds. This type of accident has caused several deaths of the years and is a vital reason why professional tree trimmers are so thoroughly trained.

While you might be concerned about palm tree trimming cost, it’s worth considering the value that you receive for your investment. A well-trained, professional tree trimmer is going to be able to perform the task properly, protecting your investment in your trees. On top of that, by hiring a pro—instead of tackling this task on your own—you won’t be putting yourself (or your property) at risk in any way.

Investing in Peace of Mind

As with any investment in a professional service, it’s the peace of mind that you gain that makes the cost worth it. You can rest assured that your landscape will continue to look its best and that this valuable service will be performed properly. Contact us here at Taylor Anthony to have a professional help with your palm trees today.