Plant these Summer Palms and Perennials

Every homeowner, property owner, and property manager, is always looking for the new thing to spice up their property. With summertime in full swing, this may be a new enhancement, or plant installation. The one thing that you associate with summer planting, is bright colors, and that is what we find many clients looking for in June. Luckily, there are many bright perennials that will bloom beautifully this summer. Additionally, in Florida, many homeowners love the look of a new palm. They provide great privacy, increase your property value, and can become staples in your landscape. When you think palm, you think Florida. So here are the palms and perennials we recommend for planting this summer. 

Perennial: Blue Sage

Blue Sage is a common name for a particular type of Salvia, and the name roots in the historical use of the plant to treat pain. As also seen in the name, it blooms a bright blue, with a white throat, and a large landing pad for pollinators. It also smells great, and if you want a landscape full of beautiful butterflies, and productive bees, this may be the flower for you. They also require little maintenance, another plus.

plant these summer palms

“Hot Lips” Salvia

Salvia is a fantastic perennial for the summer, and we continue the trend with the Hot Lips variety. This is a native plant that blooms in a gorgeous red and white bi-color. It is very drought tolerant, and can withstand being planted in full view of the hot Florida sun. Another great pollinator, it attracts lots of  hummingbirds.


Rose Leaf Sage

With a rose-like, pink bloom, this Salvia variety is fantastic for accenting your yard with some bright color. It acts similar to other Salvias, requiring pretty normal watering, and attracting all sorts of pollinators. It will begin to bloom in late summer to early fall, and actually grows to be relatively tall, around 3 and a half feet. 

Sago Palm

For comprehensive information about Sago Palms, check out our blog on Sago Palm maintenance, right here. This is a great option for your Florida property, as they are very easy to maintain, and look fantastic. These palms typically do not require any pruning, or fertilization. With an extremely large base, and overhanging foliage, they provide great privacy and look very high end. 

plant these summer palmsSabal Palm

We can’t leave out the state tree of Florida! These are great native palms for HOA’s or residential properties, with narrow trunks, and growth potential of around 40 feet tall. They end up growing a full canopy of blades 3 to 4 feet long. If you are going for a very basic, plain, and well rounded palm tree look, this is the tree for you.

Needle Palm

With two larger palms already on the list, the Needle Palm is a great native palm, of a smaller size. It is great for use in front or backyards, almost in the style of a bush or shrub. They are very hardy, and can do well in all types of weather. 

Use these perennials and palms as a starting point for your summer planting, but for a more personalized look at what would work best for your property, contact Taylor Anthony 365.

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