Landscape Design Build: Planting Focused

Have you been dreaming about adding an outdoor living area with beautiful plantings and natural stone walkways that really enhance your time outside? Or, perhaps boosting curb appeal with stunning new plants, trees and lighting in your front yard? Read further and open your eyes to the wonders of planting focused, Landscape Design Build.

Ecological Landscape Design

A trend is emerging within the profession that expands our approach to planting design and the role of vegetation. Designers are backing away from the role of curator of gardens where plant species are selected and placed according to a theme in a created setting, without regard to how that species may be predisposed to behave in the setting. Instead, they are adopting the role of steward to a set of naturally occurring processes that govern the development of plant communities. An understanding of ecological principles to guide the design, planting and maintenance of landscapes, and reliance on an adaptive management process based on observation and recalibration will result in landscapes that will take less energy and resources to maintain and provide the greatest environmental benefits.

Planting Based Design Ideas

1.) Choose Plants Wisely for the Front Row

The plants at the visible edge along a walk, patio, or lawn, can make all the difference in its appearance. Low-growing plants in the front row accentuate the shape of the bed, soften harsh edges, and help draw attention to the taller plants behind.

Low-growing plants in the front row should be full, look good in a line, and not require too much care. If you view a garden bed from a distance, the height of edging plants can be relatively high—around 2 feet. In beds that are viewed up close, the border plants should be lower than 2 feet.

2.) Conscious of Color

Color’s strength as a design element is guiding the human eye and attracting attention to certain areas of interest. When not considered or done wrong, color can illuminate the problems of a garden, so a basic understanding helps lead to a great design.

3.) Choosing Professionals

These types of projects don’t just happen. They require thoughtful planning and a custom design from a landscape professional who can take your ideas and dreams and make them a reality. While there are plenty of companies who talk about offering landscape design, you want to choose a company that is going to really take the time to listen to your wants and needs while also incorporating their own expertise into the process.

Here at Taylor Anthony, we want you to be able to experience every aspect of our unique Landscape Design Build Process, not limited to the planting referenced within this blog. From lighted walkways to stunning plants and trees, Taylor Anthony’s six step landscape design process; from Consultation to Walk-through is unmatched in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

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