Preparing for Hurricane Season

Residents in the coastal states are sure to be aware of the risk posed by hurricanes, once the season begins on June 1st. Florida residents especially are at severe risk, and are generally not left unscathed by the end of the season September 30th. More specifically these severe storms can be very detrimental to your property, home and especially your landscape. As a landscaping company, we want to keep our customers in the best shape possible, and this includes preparation for the hurricane season. While it may seem like a daunting task, the reality is, there are a few simple but important ways you can prepare your property. These tips will help you keep your landscape safe, should severe weather affect your area. Here are some ways you can go about preparing for Hurricane Season.

Check Trees and Shrubs

If a severe storm hits, winds will be strong, and the first things to fly away will be already dead or decaying pieces of plant material. Limbs from trees and shrubs already weakened will be easy pickings for a hurricane. To prevent this, prune your trees and shrubs preemptively, looking for this decay. Trim off these limbs, and worry less. Furthermore, a completely dead tree or shrub could be susceptible to flying away altogether, especially if the roots are weakened and the soil is wet. Maintain the health of your plant material as best you can, as healthy plants will stay rooted.

Take Care of Drainage

Standing water and flooding is another looming threat, but can be easily combated with drainage best practices. The common culprit is debris covering storm drains, so avoid this by cleaning drains of all debris, letting the water run through. Also, clean your gutters and ensure that they are well attached. Nobody likes a flooded landscape. 

Bring Loose Items Indoors

Although it may seem obvious, in hurricane winds, even items you may think would stay in their place, will not. We are talking about signs, tools, and even childrens toys. Not only can they be lost or damaged, but could very easily turn into a projectile, hurting people or property. Utilize your basement, a shed, or wherever else to store these materials until the threat has come and gone.

Lay Low on Irrigation

In the event of a hurricane, your lawn is going to receive more than enough water. This means you need to shut off any irrigation systems, as overwatering is bad for your turf, and can lead to loose soil, which also leads to aerial plant material. We prefer our plant material in the ground, and we know you do too. You will get more than enough water for your lawn during any hurricane.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

The last thing you want to happen is to be caught off guard, so turn your weather app notifications on, and keep up with local news. On top of that, you can take advantage of hiring a landscaper like Taylor Anthony 365 that can provide a post hurricane cleanup, getting you back to where you need to be. Always remember, your safety is the number one priority, so never sacrifice it for your landscape, and stay inside.

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