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Like any other living thing, your lawn needs routine care to stay healthy. The lawn maintenance crews at Taylor Anthony 365, have years of experience in lawn maintenance in the Ponte Vedra Beach, Ponte Vedra, St Johns, Julington Creek, Fruit Cove, St. Augustine, Mandarin and Southside, FL areas. We know how to keep your lawn plush and green in the hot, coastal climate.


  • Lawn mowing: We’ll make sure your law is mowed at the correct height and mowing patterns will be adjusted to ensure the health and beauty of your lawn.
  • Weed Eating: We trim all areas the mower can’t reach and ensure that these areas are level with mower setting i.e., mailboxes, fences, gates, etc.
  • Weed Control: We will ensure that your plant beds are weed-free
  • Edging: With our edging techniques we will give plant beds, walkways, driveway, and patios a professionally manicured appearance.
  • Shrub Trimming: As part of our standard operating procedures, we trim all new shrub growth and remove all shrub clippings.
  • Tree Pruning – If small tree limbs block our weed eating our edging services, we will remove any low hanging tree limbs
  • Blowing – We blow all patios, walkways, driveway and plant beds that contain debris.


Our Lawn Maintenance Crews know that lawn maintenance involves much more than pushing a mower across your yard. Proper lawn maintenance techniques can:

  • Keep grass healthy
  • Keep shrubs healthy
  • Reduce weeds from growing in plant beds
  • Create a thick, full lawn
  • Develop Healthy Soil

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