Seeds And Bulbs For Fall Planting

The most interesting properties will always have beautiful landscaping enhancements to attract visitors and maintain property value. Maintenance is important, yes, but simply having a well-cared-for property will not set you apart. This is unacceptable in the world of commercial property management, as you need to outdo the competition to win their business. However, you would be surprised at how low the bar can be. Simply by adding easy enhancements, like flowers, you can make all the difference needed. With that in mind, here are some ideas for fall planting. 

Seeds And Bulbs For Fall Planting - AgeratumFall Annuals For Fall Color

Rather than individually overview each variety of fall annual that can be planted for fall color, we figured we would group them together. Annuals are always a great option for fall planting because they will run through their full life cycle in just one season. Then, when they die they can be replaced with a new annual and a fresh bloom. Some of our favorite annuals include ageratum, celosia, zinnia, and wax begonia. You must also consider pansies, violas, and chrysanthemums. For a winter annual, we also like petunias planted in the late fall. Each of these can be found in a variety of colors, and native varieties for less maintenance. 

Perennial Consistency 

While every landscape could use the excitement of some annual color, they also need the consistent greenery of perennial plants. These are going to bloom for just one season, which may or may not be the fall. However, they will spend the rest of the year healthy, and do not need to be replaced like their annual counterparts. One of our favorite varieties is actually referred to as “Elephant’s Ear.” Scientifically known as Alocasia, it grows large, ruffled green leaves. Shaped like arrows and pointing upward, this is one of those flowers sure to be a conversation starter. For a couple more options, Penta and Mexican Heather are also perennials that bloom in the fall. 

Seeds And Bulbs For Fall Planting - DianthusGroundcover for Winter Protection

Another great planting strategy for the fall is to look for plants that extend outwards on the ground, protecting the soil and roots of other plant material. For an evergreen option, beach sunflowers will add bright yellow flowers to your landscape, and plants that can grow up to four feet tall. Dianthus is also a great planting option for the fall specifically and can be found in white, red, pink, salmon, lavender, and purple. Last but not least, the juniper is a denser and more needle-like evergreen. It will spread out like ground cover with the aesthetic of an evergreen tree. Not only will these groundcovers look great, but they will also insulate your soil for that fall freeze.

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