Should You Be Mulching Your Grass Clippings?

Mulching grass is a way to improve the health of your lawn. Mulch mimics the environment found under trees, making it the ideal food source for soil organisms. Mulch also helps retain moisture in your lawn and protects against erosion by retaining rainwater.

The most significant benefit mulching grass has to offer is its ability to reduce yard waste and reduce the amount of trash that goes into landfills. Mulching your lawn makes sense because it reduces fertilizers and pesticides, as well as avoids unnecessary wear on mower blades.

Mulching With Grass Clippings: Can I Use Grass Clippings As Mulch In My Garden - Can I use grass clippings as mulch in my garden? Certainly. Mulching with grass clippings, either on the lawn or in the garden bed, is a time honored method which enhances soil, prevents some weeds and preserves moisture. Click here for more info.:

Are You Using Grass Clippings As Mulch?

We often get asked which is better for your lawn: bagging or mulching your grass clippings? If at all possible, you should be mulching your clippings. The clippings add vital nutrients back into the soil that they may not otherwise get. By using this practice, your grass is receiving 25% of the total nutrients it needs for a whole year!

Mulching grass by mowing your lawn regularly is a great way to cut down on waste. It leaves no clippings behind, so it’s environmentally friendly and reduces the need for bagging. Mulching can be done on two different levels: over and underneath. Over-mulching involves not only cutting the grass, but also breaking it up into pieces that are then distributed throughout your lawn. Under-mulcher eliminates this step altogether and simply mulches only the vegetative material above ground.

Does Your Current Landscaper Provide This Service?

Here at Taylor Anthony 365, we use mulching kits like this one on all of our John Deere Zero Turn mowers! What does this mean for our clients? This means that you get all of the added benefits of mulching grass but without any of the work yourself! If you’re interested in learning how to become one of our monthly lawn maintenance clients, give us a call anytime at 904-230-3386.