Spring Landscape Preparation & Care Tips

Unlike many states in the northern part of the country, our Florida climate boasts year-round relative warmth. However, the occasional frost and freeze during the winter is never out of the question, and cooler temperatures are to be expected. This means that growth does in fact slow in the winter, although not to complete dormancy. The end of winter and beginning of spring signals an uptick in growth, from turf to plant material. Preparing for this growth, and giving your landscape the proper platform to spread its wings will be a determining factor in year long success. When it comes to spring landscaping services, we have you covered. Nevertheless, we want you to understand the “why”, so you can utilize these tips to better prepare your landscape for the spring.

Spring Landscape Preparation & Care TipsPreparing for an Irrigation Increase: System Check-Up

The entire point of preparation is to ensure that the systems you have in place are prepared to handle a prospective increase in load. Spring is surely an increase in temperature, which means more heat, and a greater need for watering. Irrigation is a necessity to keep your turf green through a summer of Florida sun, so making sure that coverage is correct, settings are set, and heads are working is a must. Overwatering can be very harmful to your landscape, and your pockets as it can greatly increase your water bill.

Fresh Fertilization for the Spring

As your irrigation system contributes to the addition of nutrients to your landscape, so does fertilization treatment. Water is a necessity for growth, but not all the nutrients your turf requires are readily available. Lawn fertilizer contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, each of which individually contributes to a piece of overall turf growth. In combination, they will assist in root development, and make your turf greener. Slow-release varieties also allow for sustained effects, as your lawn battles everything from pests to weeds throughout the year. Treatment is great in early spring, giving you a boost as you move into the most important growth stage of the season.

Taylor Anthony Tip: Fertilization can also be great for new plant material, shrubs, and trees.

Comprehensive Property Cleanup

Another great way to prepare for the landscaping services you will perform or receive throughout the spring, is to give your property a fresh start. The weather in Florida can often cause problems, with storms knocking off tree limbs, and plant material being torn up. Even if your property is just mildly unkempt, having the professionals at Taylor Anthony engage in mowing, edging, pruning, trimming, and blowing to get your property back in shape can revitalize your creative energy and motivation.

New Mulch Installation: Every 1 to 2 YearsSpring Landscape Preparation & Care Tips

Mulch should be removed and replaced every couple of years, but many property owners tend to leave mulch sitting for much longer. If this is the case, you are losing out on valuable benefits that mulch can provide. New mulch will decrease soil compaction, retain moisture, add organic nutrients, and even prevent weed growth. Giving your property a refresh will both look great, and assist in that ever so important spring growth in a variety of intangible ways.

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