Check This Out For Spring Landscaping Tips

If you’re like a lot of people, when you think of spring, you think of landscaping. It’s a great time to get your property in pristine shape so that it continues to look and perform its best.

Of course, you might not know which tasks are most important and should be given priority. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our best spring landscaping tips. We want to help you kick spring off on the right foot.

Prepare the Ground for Landscaping

There is some important prep work that goes into readying your yard for landscaping. It should all begin with a thorough yard clean up. One of the principal things that you ought to do is clear litter and debris that has collected in your yard throughout the span of the year. This doesn’t just mean trash that might have blown into your yard from nearby receptacles but also means picking up sticks or dead plant material that might be littering your property.

To expedite this process, grab the rake! Make sure that you evacuate any leaves that you missed in the fall as well as those that may have blown onto your property over the long winter we’ve had. Set aside the opportunity to expel every one of the leaves in your blossom beds, as well as this, will guarantee planting and mulching is a breeze. While you’re raking the yard, you’ll likewise need to expel pine-cones, oak seeds, twigs, and branches.

Yard Edging and Cutting Flower Beds

Though it’s sometimes overlooked, edging is such an important aspect of landscaping. To begin with, it defines your flower beds and helps guarantee that weeds and grass won’t attack blooms and plants. It likewise makes a “cut strip,” or level dimension edge, between the blossom bed and the surrounding grass. This makes it simple to cut and trim the grass without accidentally harming plants. It also just looks better. With a clean, crisp edge between your lawn and your beds, it helps make your property look highly maintained.Don’t have plant beds? Or do you want more? At Taylor Anthony 365, we can help create additional plant beds that you have been wanting to add to your property. We can remove sod and create the desired shape that you’re seeking.

Identify Dead or Missing Plant Material

It’s also important to walk your property with a professional in order to identify dead or dying plant material—including shrubs—that need to be replaced. Spring is the ideal time to have a professional landscaper like Taylor Anthony 365 identify areas in your plant beds where color can be added with various spring plant options.

This time should also be used to trim trees and palms.


Mulching is another vital aspect of spring landscaping and it has numerous benefits. Mulch enables the dirt to hold its dampness so that you don’t need to constantly water it. Mulch also helps to smother weeds. When plant beds are nicely edged, it helps make the application of mulch easier and prevents it from ending up in your yard. Again, the clean and crisp edge between your lawn and your plant beds will act as a divider.

Of course, you should know that not all mulches are created equal. After some time, mulches produced from natural materials will help complement your dirt’s structure and richness, ultimately improving your plant bed health.

A Few Fundamental Lawn Care Tasks to Remember

As we move forward full-steam into spring, we’ll leave you with these important lawn care tasks to remember.

Get your lawn off to a good start: We apply a 50/50 mixture of yellow sand and compost in the early spring to level out uneven areas in the lawn and to help grass areas that are struggling.

Do not cut grass excessively short: Grass will develop best at around two inches or higher—so keep it at least this tall amid an initial couple of cuts you make this spring.

Choose the correct grass type for your yard: The majority of the yards in our area use St. Augustine grass, though some will invest in Zoysia.

Finally, don’t feel as though you have to do it all yourself:

We’ve provided you with a lot of information, but the last thing that we want is for you to feel overwhelmed. While there can be a lot involved in getting your landscape into great shape this spring, you don’t have to do it alone. Taylor Anthony 365 is here to help with any of these spring tasks as well as others that you might have in mind for your property.