Staffing Issues in the Landscaping Industry

In the past, economic crises and a rapid increase in inflation have often been associated with, rather by cause or effect; staffing issues. As the current situation progresses, it seems that landscaping companies across the country are having a difficult time hiring long-term employees. While there are a variety of factors that contribute to this labor shortage, economic factors are playing a considerable role. The labor-intensive nature of the industry also does not bode well for landscaping companies, as payment must be increased to incentivize employees to not only come on but stay. This essentially leads to a revolving door, where landscaping companies face difficulties with not only a shortage of labor but inexperience. As we love to keep you in the loop, we wanted to overview the current staffing issues in the landscaping industry.

The Global Economy in Relation to Labor

Do not be fooled, the landscape industry is far from being the only industry facing staffing issues. This problem is being felt across the globe, as people are hesitant to come back to work for a variety of reasons, including low pay. Lack of staffing for every company leads to issues in the supply chain, as firms on both the horizontal and vertical axis are hurting for reliable labor. Although it may seem counterintuitive, one of the main drivers for the labor shortages is an uptick in demand for goods and services. As the pandemic comes to a close, people are antsy to spend their money and get out of the house. Business is great, there are just fewer employees than needed to perform the required work.

Difficulties with Employee Retention

While hiring has been difficult, so has retaining employees. With the wealth of opportunity available for workers in the current market, individuals are often job-hopping or moving laterally to a better-paying company. This becomes a struggle for landscaping companies, as we must increase pay, and incentivize with bonuses for both sign-on and retention. Without long-term employees, we are unable to create a cohesive team, and train our employees to our standards. This is not to say that a lower standard of work quality should be accepted, but landscaping companies are having a more difficult time promoting from within and keeping employees long enough for intensive training.

What Landscaping Companies Can Do

There are a few things that landscaping companies can do as they look to deal with these staffing issues. As landscaping is such an on-the-ground industry, landscaping companies must make an effort to put out educational content related to working in the industry. Oftentimes working for a landscaping company is stigmatized, against other options that require a degree. Working in the industry can be a very rewarding outdoor career, with ample room for vertical growth. Putting out advertising, as well as tapping into local recruiters can both be great ways to stock your workforce. It is no longer the age where the H2B will provide all the necessary workers, so landscaping companies must adapt and streamline activities to increase their efficiency with a smaller labor force. Landscaping industry staffing issues can be worked on and improved as a company finds better ways to hire workers.

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