Start Fresh With The New Year

What is that obnoxious saying we hear every year? “New Year, New Me.” While this is cliche and generally untrue for people, it does not have to be so for your commercial property. This year the slogan can become, “New Year, New Landscape.” This might sound like a ton of work to revamp your landscape, but it is actually rather simple. Oftentimes the biggest improvements we make in the new year are commitments to good habits and simple actions that go a long way. The best way to do this with your landscape is by freshening it up. This will give it the feel of an updated and new property without the hassle and investment of a complete renovation. In this blog, we will discuss a few of the ways you can start fresh with the new year. 

Mulching: Refresh and Restore

In terms of simple landscaping elements that bring the most value to your landscape, there is none greater than mulch. It provides an insane amount of benefits to your property at little cost. In all likelihood you already have some mulch installed on the property – around trees, and at the base of plant beds. This is where mulch does best, insulating roots within the soil to keep temperatures consistent, and preventing weeds from spreading into areas they shouldn’t. If your mulch has become decrepit or disorganized, you can give your landscape a huge boost by spreading it or installing new mulch for a healthier look. When you do so with an organic option, your landscape will also benefit long-term from the decomposition of the mulch into organic nutrients your root systems will love.

Core Aeration: Cold Means Compact

When the temperature drops, your soil becomes prone to compacting. The soil tightens up as it freezes to retain moisture, and foot traffic can make it even worse. When this happens your turf takes a hit as nutrients are less able to travel to and from the root systems. Without nutrients to support growth, turf can go dormant or even die. If this has begun to happen over the course of the winter, you need to aerate. It is the quickest way to solve the problem, and when air flow is restored your grass will immediately look healthier. This can make a big difference on a commercial property where you are being judged based on the quality of the turf. If you are not familiar with aeration, it is the removal of circular cores from the soil to let the roots breathe better.

Increased Intensity: Design Build

While these last two options were both very simple in nature, where you can start fresh with little investment, there are some who want to start fresher than others. If you are one of those property managers, the best way to start fresh is with a new design-build installation to attract commercial clientele. In 2023 you can be sure that outdoor common areas will be all the rage, as well as sustainable gardens filled with native plant material. Our team is always happy to consult with you on these types of projects.

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