Summer Irrigation Practices

Proper irrigation is one of the keystones to a healthy, happy, and green lawn. Especially in the tropical climate of Florida, where the heat is brutal, and the rain can be equally as extreme. Finding the proper balance, with the right irrigation system, and team, can be a challenge. Knowing the proper procedures and practices can be even more of a hassle. Summer brings about one of the most irrigation intensive times of the year, with all of the Florida weather hitting at once. With that being said, staying on top of your irrigation needs to be a top priority, if you want your lawn to continue to look great. Luckily for you, we have everything you need to know about summer irrigation practices right here. 

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Whether you have a commercial grade irrigation system, or you hand water your lawn, the weather is going to determine the amount of water your lawn needs each week. Overwatering, and underwatering, are both negatively impactful to your lawn and should be avoided. Your lawn only needs about an inch of water per week, and if a summer rainstorm rolls through, you are likely to get that amount. For the most accurate determinations, you can install a rain shut off device that turns your irrigation system off if adequate rainfall is had, or a rain gauge that can assist you in manually determining how much rain has fallen.

Summer Irrigation Practices

Schedule in the Morning

Another small tip, you are going to want to water your lawn earlier in the morning, because the heat evaporates the sitting water, before it absorbs. You do not want to waste water, especially in Florida. The less water you have to use, the more money straight back into your pocket.

Monthly Irrigation Checks

One of the worst ways to cause damage to your lawn, is to leave an irrigation system issue unresolved for a significant period of time, simply because you failed to have it checked. The professionals at Taylor Anthony make sure that our clients irrigation systems are getting proper coverage, and that all valves, heads and controllers are functioning properly. Summer is the most important time to irrigate, thus the worst time to leave an issue unresolved. 

Be Aware of Local Regulations

In Florida, water conservation is a heavy topic, and many local and county governments have a variety of ordinances in place to prevent the waste of water. Not following these restrictions could just be watering on the wrong day, or wrong time. You do not want to pay a fine, simply because you were unaware of your local water standards. 

Summer Irrigation Practices

Listen to your Turf

The easiest way to tell if your irrigation system is working properly, is if your lawn stays green. Brown or decaying patches that appear can be warning signs for current or future problems. However, if you leave your irrigation to the trained professionals at Taylor Anthony, you can avoid the thought of irrigation issues. 

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